Saturday, November 24, 2012

Justice for Injustice

I had been pretty lazy to write something recently but I bumped into this article through facebook and and needless to say I was moved by it to the core and felt the need to share my thoughts.

I'm angry over a lot of things-Firstly over the three criminals for committing an inhuman act by pouring acid over an innocent life and taking away all her dreams, plans and life. Secondly, Indian Law system which couldn't give justice to her yet and bailed out the criminals within 2 years who are successfully leading a happy life today instead of landing in Jail.This means anyone can throw acid fearlessly and get away with it as Law wouldn't take a strict action? Lastly, the government who made false promises to give her a job to help her overcome the financial crises and as usual did nothing in the end.

I don't know what to say as my writing a post won't change anything and can't get her life or beautiful face back as it was 9 years back but my prayers are with her that law gives justice to sonali-mukherjee and many more of Sonalis awaiting justice from years. May the criminals serve the equally bad punishment to say the least. Justice delayed is justice denied :(

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Being 'Bangalorean' and not being tiger

Recently I have completed 6 years in Bangalore so thought it was a good time to talk about South India. Also, this post is a test to make sure whether or not I can still write. For those of you who have drifted and made to my blog by chance (read: mistake) because of google search and actually took a decision to read this post and haven't yet noticed my sir name, I'm a northie.
When I came to Bangalore some years ago, the calmness and decent people around and the language with almost no expletives struck me. Having spent so many years, I have got to learn lot of things from South India. There are some bad experiences too, but lets just talk about the good ones more as I'm not in cribbing mode today.

Things I like:

  • You will try to talk in Hindi/English just because you understand that my Kannada wouldn't be grammatically right and fluent.
  • You welcome all cultures with open mind.
  • I like the smell of gajra you tie on your hair.
  • I feel good about the way I can go out after 7 pm without much of eve teasing.
  • Bus drivers reading news papers.
  • Weather (sadly it's changing rapidly).
  • the temple sound early morning.
  • How people lead simple life without much of flaunting.

Things I don't get:

  • 2 years back, while coming back from Mysore, I didn't quite like the festival of making the cattle run in middle of fire. I was scared to see that. Is it for their own good? Seriously, I have no idea.
  • Auto drivers taking us for ride and charging double and their tantrums.
  • Reckless driving of sumo, BMTC Volvo and TTs. God! please have them slow down a bit.
  • I'm not a big fan of South Indian food but that's my personal choice. I don't like Italian food too, that way. But that doesn't mean I don't like Italy.
  • The relevance of Adding Th instead of T. Confused? say Spelling Preethi instead of Preeti.

Bangalore has changed. It's much crowded now as never before. It's got Metro finally and hell lot of opportunities for career which sadly brings a lot of early morning and evening traffic (I know, I contribute to the increasing traffic)You could revert and say its because lot of people coming in and settling here and I agree to that fact. Some land here by chance and the remaining by choice. Probably because it's a silicon city and much safer place. Recently, I traveled by BMTC bus after years and it felt nice- to be part of the crowd and lives for some moments. I'm glad to be part of such a beautiful city. Love you Bangalore!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Once upon a time,
There was a girl
Full of innocence
When she smiled
like a blossoming flower,
Happiness fell in love with her.
She was lost in her own world
Thinking the world is as beautiful
As her own thoughts.

But then you came around,
You were surprised and
Jealous if someone can be
So self-less and pure?
You couldn't stand the thought
And started playing a game
With that innocent life
You played and played and played
Until she was broken down
Like she can never live again
And never will again...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The First Marriage Interview

Being an Indian, you can't really escape the marriage interviews arranged by your parents. I don't understand why in this world, parents are better off handing over their problems (Read: daughter) to others happily. So after a lot of fight over the weeks, my parents finally scheduled a 'telephonice' marriage interview. So the interviewer who called me from poor chap's side was his sister's husband (Brother-in-law I guess). I would call him BIL in my this post.
Day 1:
I got a call from BIL in office hours and luckily I wasn't at my desk. After I came back, I saw the unattended call and ignored it like I do. Really, if someone really needs to talk to me, they would call back. I got another call after 15 mins and I picked up the call
Instead of saying hello, I said "Who's this?
BIL: I got your number from your family for marriage proposal. Can we talk?
Me: Oh is it. I'm at work and damn busy. Please call me later in my non working hours.
BIL: Sure, What time does your office end?
Me: It's 9:30 am to 6:00 pm but I work late hours usually. Working on an important project these days. I get home by 9:30
BIL: Sure, I will call you by 10:00 pm today.
Me: Sure. That'd be good. Bye.

BIL seemed to be very firm in his dream of getting me married to his Sister's brother. Though he had received my cold response, he wasn't gonna give up. But I'm not that easy. I thought I will talk and make sure he gets scared of his dream and gives up.

He called up and it was first time in my corporate life years, I forgot my cell at my desk. Next day, when I received my phone, I saw 3 missed calls from the same number. and as usual I ignored them.

Day 2
By 10:00 pm, I got the call from BIL and answered.
BIL: Hello, How are you? I guess it's good time to talk to you now.
Me: Sorry, that day I forgot my phone at work. Yes, we can talk.
Silence for 1 min. We both were not sure who would start the conversation. He started to speak after sometime passed.
BIL: Can you tell me about yourself.
What the fuck man? Am I giving some kind of job interview-I thought. Yet, I had to respond and give my best to make sure it's my last conversation with him.
Me: I work with So and so company as so and so. I love my job and I'm a career oriented girl. This is the first time, I'm talking to someone about the marriage.I'm not a good cook but I can cook for myself.
BIL: Tell me about your Academics? Your date of birth and he asked other questions which can piss you off easily.
I kept my calm and answered the questions.
I answered the questions and thought it was time for me to give back. I'm sure he didn't expect me to ask the next set of questions which I did
Me: Can you tell me about the guy? What does he do? his studies? What's his job profile and how long has the guy been working. what's his age.I finished in almost one breathe.
BIL gave me the answers in a cold tone. He said the guy has been mom's boy and hence, he's been staying with his family until he got a job in Delhi. Before he could finish. I started again.
Me: So why does the guy wanna get married so soon? anyway, tell me about yourself too? Where do you work, your professional life? Please tell me about your job profile. It'll be good to know.
BIL: I would love to answer your questions. But it will be easy if we meet face to face. We both stay in B'lore and can meet up.By the way, I have sent you friend request and haven't got any response.
I asked what his name was and logged into my fb to search his fren request which soon will be declined from my end. I can't tell you how much funny I felt when I recalled my statement to my sister looking at the fb friend request I'd received 2 days ago, I had told her: Anyone is joining facebook these days. Look at this ass and unfortunately I was on call with that ass now :D
Me: Yes, I see the request but you see, I don't add people until I know them.
BIL: Can you send me some of your good snaps to my email id.
Though I pretended to note down the email id, In reality  I was responding to my fren's message on fb.
Me: I will eat dinner now. Pls communicate through my dad/mom for any further actions.
The call finally got over and I'd lost my precious 55 mins on that call. To make that time productive, I declined the friend request immediately.

Not that I'm against my family or arranged marriage but I'm so different from others and my thought process will not match such a guy. I don't know what I did but it seemed right. Why BIL didn't respond when I asked about his job profile or life. Why do "some" of the guys family think that they're doing a favor by marrying a girl just because they're from guy's side. I don't like that perception personally. Marriage is not a business or not a game where a guy's family have to win. It's more about meeting two souls which have things in common to lead a good life.

It was new year after that call and I didn't speak to my parents for 2 days just to avoid any talks about this. Strangely, my phone beeped and it was a message from BIL to wish me and my family a happy new year. I deleted the message right after reading. Some people don't give up, do they?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Forgive you or forget you?

Please tell me
what I'm supposed to do
Forgive you or forget you?

When I look back,
there are false hopes,
broken promises and
your words full of lie
then there is
the passsion which
seemed like never will fade away,
the moment of assurance
when you'd draw me
into your arms.

What have you done, silly
Once we meant everything for each other
howcome now strangers.
Our never ending stories are
now pin drop silence?

Should you be given second chance, really?
You walked into my life
affirming that you're not like others
and then you walked away just like
everyone else.

Please tell me
What do you think you deserve
Punishment or mercy?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stay a bit longer

Dear stay a bit longer today, please
I know what I am-
Just a habit for you-that's all
But I'm scared as habits do change
and that you may forget me someday.

I know that I should be in limit
and never expect anything more
But I'm tired of just being your need
I'm scared that you may leave me
when your need is no more.

Would you understand that I have a heart
which craves to hold that good position
infront of the whole world too
which you show only inside the four walls.

Dear I beg, please
If not for real,
just pretend to be only mine
and love me for just for today.

Look I've always been giving you
what you ask for
without any regrets
Can't you just give me a little more time today-
to be heard, to be loved for one day.
Dear, stay a bit longer today, please

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Watch Out! That's a Woman driving

I know this time I'd stretched my hibernation period a little longer than usual and most of you have missed me (now that's called being over-optimistic ;). So without wasting a single second anymore, here I go to make my blog buddies feel that I'm alive and kicking. The topic as suggests could be a little HOT but it's nothing but stating couple of facts.
So I really I have no idea whether it's something to do with Bangalore traffic or female's instinct, women really don't know to drive! Even though being famous for multitasking and all, a lot of surroundings distract them from focusing on driving and they either end up being a reason for a lot of horns by others riding/driving (Pedestrians, you better carry a whistle as you can't even give horns to make sure the girl's car is moving forward along with traffic). This happens usually when a woman is trying to take a turn or reverse to make sure the slow moving traffic crams completely. Now coming to the reason-what distracts us while driving. Well, it lies within us.
We know all the basic rules about driving, how to accelerate, usage of breaks and clutch but lets face it, men are better than us when it comes to technical knowledge as to how things really work and upon that we have distractions. While driving, you see a woman driving in adjacent car, carrying Gucci bag or her trendy nail paint or a guy surrounding his arms. This results in immediate reaction and make you feel inferior or superior. The girly thoughts...huh-show off, how could she etc. covers your mind with cloud and you either hit the front vehicle or create a mess somehow. It is also do with using the rear mirror to see your face, make-up and hairstyle every 5-10 mins instead of looking at the vehicles at the backside. At the same time, I wonder, how guys manage to ogle other girls while driving providing needed attention simultaneously to both the activities. 

I travel a long distance riding while going to office daily.Whenever, I see traffic getting jammed and a lot of people honking including me, believe me or not, there always is a girl/woman accountable.
Women- No offense on couple of facts stated above and I promise to write a biased post on greatness of women to make it up for the loss. 
All the men out here! Watch out! if that's a woman driving!!! :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nobody is friend

Welcome to the world of modernity! It for sure, is full of crowd. If you don't believe me, ride in B'lore on weekdays and you will get a clear picture :P When we were kids, we had friends for all occasions. These were the friends who would matter a lot.
Lately my life has been full of ups and downs when it comes to relationships which actually gave me a good opportunity to redefine the meaning of a friend. Since I didn't stay at one place for a long time, my friends kept changing and when I came to B'lore, I got some kind of stability in my life and the way I look at it. I made friends, but less in number due to my picky selective nature. This year, I got enough time to get in touch with most of my best buddies. After my rendezvous with them, what I found out was "friendship" which is considered even more trustable than 'love' doesn't hold good necessarily. If lover cheats you, then even there are friends who leave you. Sadly, my friendships ( even 6-7 years old ) went for a toss because I refused anything unethical and demanded to remain as "friends only." Then there were some friends who left the country and some got married. Need not to explain what happens to friendship if any one of above takes place. Not that I'm complaining but would you really call it a friendship if people are with you only when they're alone just because you're a fun to be with person and not when you need them the most or would they be called friends when people wouldn't mind taking advantage when you're not in senses.
Well, people change and so does friendship.I've been so over the promises and sayings of friendship. In short, I haven't been lucky when it comes to friendship.People come into your life, become a part of it, they promise to be with you and then break it. Not to talk about friends from social networking, first it will be like new marriage, they will call you, ping you, message you, care for you and make you feel who lucky you are to have them. But after sometimes it becomes boring and both of you will be comfortably in green mode at gtalk without conversing. It's a selfish world and my definition for friendship has been delineated and I call them now-"Friends FOR Benefits.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Real Dirty Picture

There was a lot of hoopla around the movie "The Dirty Picture". As all of you would know, the movie meant to be a biopic of south siren Silk Smitha. But instead of getting the message, what drew everyone's attention was the semi-nude exotic scenes.I was wondering why do most of the models/actresses who are fantasy of every guy's aphrodisiac night, die lonely in a closed room at a very young age? And nobody, not even their family gets to know before they see off their lives?

Mothers stand for comfort. God couldn't be everywhere so he created mothers. They go through 9 months of hell just to bring you on this earth. But why they are the first one to abandon you? Why can't they support you, love you and be with you no matter which worst sin you have committed. Why do they close their doors when you have no other place to go. Science says that we all have suicidal tendencies (No, I don't mean 80s famous band here ) which arise when you think that you are just alone in this world and nothing is working out. If only, the much needed care and love can be provided to the sufferer, they will make it to life and can fight back with the hot rashes life brings. With these models dying in loneliness the credit goes to some of the male species too who play, enjoy and forsake.

Worldly, there is a trend to sleep around with a girl and the next day act like nothing happened. Such guys, as beautifully described in the movie, "Raat ko 12 baje ki suiyon (needle) ki tarah chipke rahte hai aur din me 6 baj jate hai." Now you will think, why do girls make it a big deal when they sleep with someone? Well, sex for most of the females, is just not about playing tennis (as described in FWB).It's to do with feelings, emotions and love than just the physical activity.Men fall in love through sex; women fall in sex through love. Studies suggest-A normal male’s body produces 20 times more of testosterone hormone than a female’s....Well, blame the hormones but love a woman with all your heart and she will return it 10 times more. And if any mom is reading it, make sure you're there for your child when they need you badly.

Ending the post with the last few lines of Silk in dirty picture. It's for you to decide. Who's more dirtier here? Girls like Silk or our double-minded society?

"Zindagi jab maayus hoti hai, tabhi mehsoos hoti hai. Aise aise sawal saamne aa jate hai, jinke jawab kisi guide me nahi milte hai. "Maa ne darwaaza kholte hi gale se kyu nahi laga liya? Ye baat samajh me kyu nahi aayi ki ik star ko chahne me aur usi se pyar karne me bahot fark hai. Jise tumne apne liye ladhna sikhaya, wo tumhare liye kou nahi ladha. Har koi kamar me haath daalna chahta tha, kisi ne sar pe bhi haath kyu nahi rakha? Library me bhi page turn hone ki aawaz aati hai. Silent shore me bhi koi na koi horn baza hi deta hai. Par jab taaliya sunne wale kaano me, gaaliyo ki aawaz bhi na aaye, to zindagi khaali theature si ho jati hai"

Saturday, December 3, 2011

हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी

This is a sad post. I don't expect you to read it if you're in good mood as you wouldn't want to spoil your quality time by heavy thoughts. If you are low, you might find it a place be at. I'm just writing as it feels better, not to gain sympathy, it doesn't help.
I'm neither happy nor sad. Not strong enough to let it go, not vulnerable enough to cry either. World is moving fast but I'm still- holding onto my train of thought, baffled and disappointed!
Why do we expect, desire, hope, 'fall' in love (Yes, 'falling' as you seldom rise in love) and land up in a state of calamity? Why do we give the remote control of our lives to someone else to make us feel miserable? Why do we run after one particular thing when we have thousands of better choices. Love is a state of mind but why is it powerful enough to make you do absurd things you had never imagined before? why does it transform you into a person you thought you'd never be. Questions are many and answers, none. Hoping it'll all pass soon....*Sigh*
Recalling Ghalib's lines, never thought that I could find myself in these ever. But life as you call it- is a fucking bitch!
हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी कि हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले
बहुत निकले मेरे अरमाँ, लेकिन फिर भी कम निकले
निकलना खुल्द से आदम का सुनते आये हैं लेकिन
बहुत बे-आबरू होकर तेरे कूचे से हम निकले
मुहब्बत में नहीं है फ़र्क जीने और मरने का
उसी को देख कर जीते हैं जिस काफिर पे दम निकले
खुदा के बासते पर्दा ना काबे से उठा जालिम
कहीं ऐसा न हो याँ भी वही काफिर सनम निकले
कहाँ मयखाने का दरवाजा 'गालिब' और कहाँ वाइज़
पर इतना जानते हैं, कल वो जाता था के हम निकले
- मिर्जा गालिब

Sunday, November 27, 2011

That's 'About Me'

I was wondering how people use "About me" Section. So I thought I will do an "About Me" project and present it to you. Here is a little data I found out.

"About me" section is the place where you will find that all the Indians love the art of self-praising creatively. And I kinda appreciate it :P Well, It's never a good idea to "scare" readers when they visit your blogs, you see. I understand there is scarcity of honest readers too.
So bloggers can be divided into below categories.

(a) Reserved in nature- You would not find their profile pic or any kind of personal information on the blog. These kinds of bloggers love their 'privacy' and why not? All sort of people drop into your blogs that may include criminals who have been roaming as police wasn't able to catch hold of them or they have been bailed out even after doing major scams. Indian Constitution-which would severely punish Harvindar Singh for slapping Pawar and would treat Kasab with warm welcome followed by all kinds of hospitality.Come on! 'Atithi Devo Bhava' does not practise terrorists by all odds, kon samjhaye inhe?

(b) Daring-Bloggers who love challenges, are bold in nature and ready to take risks.Generally, you will find their profile pic, company they work for, fb link, linkedin and email ids.Their fb wall and photo section is open for public where you can virtually visit their family members, girlfriends, boyfriends etc. Either they believe the world is filled with beautiful and nice people Or they know that nobody will bother using or misusing their personal info. Even if anybody misuses the personal info, since these are daring people, they can deal with it.

(c) Mediators- Average kind of people who play very safe like 'me.' *TADA* They share 'Need to know' information only. They will put their occupation but not the company name. They talk about their hobbies, passions etc but nothing too personal. Their fb profiles are customized i.e. how much and what 'public' can access. They add only a few fellow-bloggers to their fb list.

So after all the research, I thought, I'm ready to share a little more about myself.

Blogging for meMore often than not, I go to hibernation mode for every 15 days appx, resume and write a post. So what do I do these 15 days? Apart from job, I spend my time on reading others blogs and books. I happen to be very picky about what I read and which blogs I follow. I never believe in  'follow me, I'll follow yours,' or phrases like 'hit the like if you like the post.' Precisely because I want people to listen to what they want. Follow you really like to read more of the blog. Comment if you really feel like commenting. Feel easy and that's the best you can do atleast when you are reading something :-) Hain?
Nature: Like Delhi's weather-Extreme in nature. Hard to please, Finical, Scrupulous, Demanding.
Virtues: Strong opinionated, complex in nature, moody, Peculiar, Assertive, talkative, thinker ( Mind you, since everyone in this world thinks, we all are thinkers )
Current City: I Stay in New Metrocity Bangalore. I love this city.
Philosophy: Admire people who help and think about others. Selfish people are least appreciated.
Hobbies: Besides writing blogs, I like reading blogs, books, news, surfing, sleeping, and doing nothing if time permits.
Occupation: A paid slave in one of the MNCs
Relationship Status: Well, that's personal.
Company Name: Too personal.
Social Life: None

So guys and girls! That's it for now. As I end this post, weekday is approaching and it's not a very good thing too :P Enjoy reading and don't take anything personal, I like seeing cheerful faces more :D

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ooooooh! That Ass

"Hey Look at that ass!" Hot! Sizzling! Ravishing! Stunning! Pataka! Tota, Babe and what not..Yes, these are a few universal comments from some guys when they run into any hot chick. Yup, If a girl is good looking, she gets the prompt attention all around. Guys melt like chocolate if any hot chick breaks the long queue and just smiles and says "please don't mind, thoda jaldi hai"( I did that many times, sorry :D). In an interview, between an average looking girl and a dazzling chick, the most preferred one is the Hot one. Is it good to just focalize on someone's physical appearance more than attending to things which matter the most like intelligence, knowledge, ethics etc?
If any hot model adverts, the product or the model herself grabs the attention soon and if she wears a bikini even much sooner. We all remember Yana Gupta ( No Panty Girl), Mallika Sherawat( handkerchief is more than enough for her to wear), Rakhi Sawant( Talks arrant bullshit) and Vidya Balan ( In Dirty picture). So why are these names are on our finger tips?-that's because these famous personalities have stripped their clothes like onion shreds its peel.
Beauty for some is God-gifted and some gain it by use of cosmetics. I'm not saying that you don't have to appreciate beauty, but would it not be better if that babe has a little brain too which works fine ;-) if those juicy lips articulate the word of wisdom mellifluently and spread their knowledge all across, if those gorgeous big eyes see the world from a different perspective and gaze at you reverentially, if those nice ears can listen to you when you want to be heard.
Alright, Lets save our time and come to the conclusion. Requesting all the guys/men reading it, please try changing the perspective of judging a girl purely by looks, its ephemeral. I know its not easy as its been ongoing from donkey's years( remember Menka). Looks can be and are deceptive. A hot chick with empty head is never a good combo, because that empty head will reverberate soon and make you take headache  tablets :P

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The things I will remember

I will remember
Your friend request on orkut
years back,
Chatting on yahoo late night,
Lame messages asking wassup
just after we hung up
the phone speaking for hours,
Stumbling and falling while dancing
after getting sloshed at the bar

I will remember
the first Maggie we cooked together
without moving the sight
or the pizza we
burnt in the oven,
Your teasing
when I cried watching the movies
or getting shit-scared
while watching horror ones

I will remember
CCD as our second house,
Watching football
betting for which team will win,
Running around in the house
throwing things at each other,
Having tea sitting at balcony
and staring at the plane sky
having nothing to do

I will remember
getting drenched
in the rain
and the long rides,
Your scolding for
riding at the right side all the times,
Our fights like angry birds
and the next minute patch up
like Tom and Jerry.

I will remember
being myself
with you day in and day out,
I will remember everything I promise
my friend!

Since those times have gone now
I often think,
A'int only small things that matter?

Sunday, October 23, 2011


LOVE......cant really weigh it but pretty heavy word right? I feel a chest pain these days as soon as I hear this word :P It takes lives, changes lives, changes you and for the most part turns you into a bankrupt (if you are a guy and you possess a high maintenance girl) and also contributes to the population if all it turns into marriage ( applies to straight people only) . So everything was going fine in my life and then I fell in love! That's all...End of the story..Love has fcuked up my life and I have fcuked up its name...Remember, Khoon ka badla khoon....If love has made me laugh, it had made me cry twice the times. In-fact, I was this much frustrated that I planned to create a FCUK Love community and be its brand ambassador..but due to funding issues I couldn't. Selfish world you see! Many life savers for Love thing.

Anyway, I was thinking if its possible to give 9 months punishment for breaking someone's heart? ( okay, don't hold me by the number 9 please) the punishment could be not letting the guy or girl get into any kind of relationship until 9 months and making the person go through all sort of emotional torture during this time ( How cruel I could be sometimes I know ;-) So atleast people will think twice before dumping someone or breaking their hearts....This way, they can't get away with it and catch another bakra or bakri :P 

I have taken an oath not to fall in love again but everytime there is a guy trying very hard for me to break the oath. What the hell? Can't you guys just be supportive at times! and specially my old friends, you don't have to fall in love with me. It spoils the friendship and then If I say No to your proposal, eventually I would be breaking your heart and then the punishment which I came up with and was so proud of, would apply to me as well...*smirk*. But I really sympathize with guys as most of the girls you would try for are committed and the remaining single ones are not in for a relationship or lesbo ;) Sad! Unfortunately, I can not do anything about it. So that is it for now.

Till then Stay Single, Stay happy :D

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Men Vs. chocolaty boys

So this is for all the so-called chocolaty and more chocolaty boys who are trying to compete with female species. I'll tell you how? All this while we female used to be proud and think that cosmetics and make-ups are really our inborn territory and we own it. Well, the time has changed, sadly. Even the lipstick which used to be stuck only on female's lips to help them achieve typical female look is now very easily can be seen on guys lips and that sucks if you ask me. I'm so heartbroken because of the "guys" who are trying out every possible cosmetics on them instead of buying it for their girlfriends and wives. The day is not very far when girls will gift make-up kit to guys on occasions. There was a time when guys used to fondle female's long hair, ooops now its the female who have to caress men's long dangling hair and pony. Increased responsibility for us you see and then there are many facial creams to make them look fairer ;-) Emami had to come up with fair and handsome cream considering the high demand in the market. So if you say that females have progressed in every field, its guys who have proved their right on female's owned cosmetic world as well by respecting gender equality. 

Today's modern guys shave their chest hair frequently to show off their cleavage (trust me,its not a good idea to show it off unless you are a female;) ,carry a short pony and spend a hell lot on hairdo like gel and hairstyle, also not to forget the piercing of body and ears. They try out every possible new product which is launched in market for men and for female in some cases :P I still don't like men who wear lipstick. Come on! If you are a man reading the post, you'd still like to be called handsome instead of beautiful :D There are certain things which should be only for us na, okay at-least spare some feminine colours like pink and lavender. I'm sure you can do with blue and other colours and it perhaps suits you better.

Suddenly the world is flowing with chocolaty boys and there has been scarcity of "real Man". Of man who-when they speak, mean it, would just wake up from their sleep and go out in the market wearing dirty shots and tees and still feel they look hot, who are proud to be a man- I remember this very famous adage "Mard ko dard nahi hota" which stands for their strong physique and mental stability, who are conscious about themselves but would choose gymming over beauty products to make them look appealing. Help me stopping Man species getting extinct. Okay enough to boost the male's ego :P Ending the post with the saying:
"A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him."  ~Mae West

P.S. (only for chocolaty boys)- Just read it for fun as I wrote it for fun. Excuse the ranting, No offense meant ;) 
P.P.S.-btw, I like Ranbir because of his acting, and not for the chocolaty looks.

Disclaimer (in English)- Issued in masculine gender's interest.
(In hindi) "Man" hit me jaari

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Droopy Rose

You wouldn't know,
how vicious and harsh
I could be
with an artful innocent face,
alluring smile
and enthralled soul
I can befool the world
and take pride

You wouldn't know
how I can spellbound you
with my enchanting eyes
and possess your mind,
turn you into a fondest guy,
then tear you to pieces, 
rip you apart,
and not feel a thing

You wouldn't know
how I'm capable of anything
in this world
I can make your heart skip its beat,
draw you into madness,
then be a stranger to you
and not care at all
carrying last laugh throughout

But If ever I fall for you
you would know
how I will put you on a pedestal,
and how I enunciate
though my captivating playful eyes
and be tender as a newborn baby
slip into your arms,
blush and shy
like a droopy rose
blossoming once again!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What If Movies were for real

Strange to think about I know and a bit awkward too. But what if movies were for real? Movies in context with the Bollywood masala types.
1. There wouldn't be happy ending all the times first thing.
2.Actors will have to think about the survival and their financials along with love.
3.Heroes definitely can't fight with 10 "Gundas" and yet win. I'm sure they would be Chaaro khaane chit even if one of the Gundas hits them hard.
4.They would run to Gas station every now and then to fuel their car/bike and would crib about petrol/diesel prices rising up.
5. They will have to bribe the traffic police or pay fine when caught for drinking and driving.
6. Oftentimes , Hero sings a complete song for day and night over the phone for his girl when they are on STD relations. If it's prepaid, chances are his call might get disconnected before the song could be completed. If it's postpaid, he will get monthly bomb bill and then may inquire about cheap STD rate plans  :D
7. Sallu's shirt would not be removed automatically with Air or water effects ( as shown in Body Guard and Dabang)
8. Even hot actresses would suck without make-up, expensive dresses and accessories.
9.Stuntman would not be replaced with hero for stunt scenes.
10.Actor and actress will sing in their real voice instead of lip-syncing. Wow! It would sound awesome! isn't it?
11. NO CUT! So basically no going back once anything is said and done.
12. All izzz never well :)

And there is just so much more I could write. So if you think about all the points, we all are real heroes and heroines and play a better role in life. So be proud of that... I am :)
So why do we like most of the movies which are just so unrealistic? May be it's because we like the possibilities and dream-world where just anything is possible and so damn easy. In real life, nothing comes for free and there are compromises every day. To sum up, there are also a few movies which were kinda practical and realistic, I could remember some like "Bawandar", "Corporate" and "Page-3" however, they were not able to gain the audience's interest as much as the delusive ones did because we all love that dreamworld. So happy watching movies. They're good time-pass!

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Shopaholic

Well, I'm a Shopaholic. Quite often, I find myself in clumsy quandary whenever I encounter something captivating like this-
My Heart- Hey, look at that! WOW! Awesome watch. it would look fab on you.
My BrainIndeed, it's a nice watch and it would look good on "anyone" not just you. Sweetheart, it's a month end and you already have 2 expensive watches. You have been gifted with a Fossil watch just last week on your B'day.
HeartBut that isn't Tommy Hilfiger and look at the watch man. It's TOMMY. It's so damn cool!
Brain-Think twice baby. Already you've spent so much in your Delhi trip. Your bank account will become zero. You want that to happen? You promised that you would invest in some saving plan. Where is it gone?
Heart -That saving plan is for next month anyway. What are credit cards for? just don't think too much. Pick it up.
Brain- Don't. You will regret after you pay the bill.
Heart -Come on! Don't pretend to be a mature and senescent girl. When I know you are not. The more you think, the more it will confuse you. 
Brain- Wait! Take a moment. Think again. You can buy it next time too after settling your credit card dues for this month. You have shopped so much in Delhi. This can wait. Trust me.
HeartWhat if someone picks it up. I'm sure somebody will shortly. Look at that guy, looks like he is planning to buy it for his girl. Moreover, Nobody leaves good things in Bangalore for donkey's years. 
Brain-Don't treat me like your enemy. I help you take logical decisions which are good in long term. This is luxury and not a necessity. Don't act like a kid now.
HeartWho cares! Life is uncertain and moments just pass by. Nobody has seen the future anyway! 
I- Shut up you brain! You make too much of noise all the time. Why don't you take rest for sometime while I buy it....And I go, swipe my credit card and come out with an alluring smile out of the mall like Queen Victoria.
So this was my story, Let it be clothes, accessories or anything else, after looking at the stuff clung to any statue or display, don't know what happens! I forget about my saving plans my friends had suggested, forget about my credit card dues and my financials. The only thing what matters that time is the things which are screaming at me -"Come. I'm meant for you. Own me!" and there I go, recklessly....hug them and say, come home :)

P.S.- "I like my money right where I can see it -hanging in my closet"- Sex and the city.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Untitled

Well, this is a very unplanned post, sort of random as I wanted to take a break from the free gyan I've been delivering and experiencing in return.

Today is the beginning of a long weekend due to Monday being an off ( Yeah... Independence day, I love you for that too unless you fall on a Sat/Sunday :) Undoubtedly, we all love weekends and specially Friday nights are the best ones atleast for me. Sunday evenings are sulky as it prompts me of the normal routine (slavery of US I call it if you work for an MNC) on the weekdays and upon than, the gloomy feeling "weekend is over?". 
Okay, this post is not about Monday blues, it's about how I enjoyed my today's Friday evening which eventually became Saturday early morning. Yet, I'm very much awake now as usual. So here is how it went and is ongoing:

As soon as I came from the work and settled down, around 11 pm, I overheard my very next door neighbors who happen to be four male bachelors, babbling out pure feelings direct dil se kind. Due to my common sense, I figured they were besotted. So as alcohol began to show its effects, the songs from the 'gayak padhosis' started popping out (drinks turn you into great personalities you would have not imagined). The kind of songs came out were the ones which make you feel nostalgic followed by Sher-o-shayri serving as the breather amidst 4-5 songs continuously. I could hear them giggling, feeling low and high as the songs demanded. In short, they were having fun and I was getting entertained for free too at the same time.Let me try sharing some audio in writing along with the background music.
Aaj Mausam badha beimaan hai......(Oho)
Meri bheegi bheegi si palko pe....(downplayed by somebody)
Mai shayar to nahi.......( Drrraring )
Julieeeeeee......(applaud sound)
Hum bewafa hargiz na the....(Wah wah)
Tum to thehre pardesi........(plates and spoon doing their work)

Shhhhhhh....Guess I hear them dancing on Sanorita now. Am I eavesdropping? No, they are loud enough to be heard :) I'm surrounded by the positive environment rather phonation....So overall, I am having a good time. Wish you enjoy too and before I forget, A sincere thanks to the neighborhood!

P.S. - As a blogger, I ponder, would it be the same after they get married?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jeena Isi ka Naam hai

Materialistic world, Isn't it? Everyone is running on the dense racecourse of earning money. The status adds up with how much is there in your account or which car, gadgets you own. From the time you open your eyes in the morning to the time you finally sleep, the race is on.We're rushing but crashing others. Even though we win, would that be a real triumph? An ideal life is the life lived for others. It's good to earn money but are we missing on the very fundamental thing called our profound emotions. Agreed to the point that we have other obligations but can't we take out a little time to help some poor child we see on road or someone who meets with an accident and needs your help? What if you have to compromise a bit, may be you reach office late one day because you have helped someone but think about the impact you would be making in someone else's life. If you are confused about priorities, then make use of your logical thinking and sense of judgement. Lend helping hands to someone, it doesn't have to be always financial support, it could be as small as treating everyone with equality and respecting the differences. Human beings are considered one of the best species and it should reflect in our actions too. Imagine how the world would be if everybody becomes worldly-minded? God-forbid, what if you are on the other side someday. How would you expect others to react? And why don't you start living that way, being a little more human, thinking out of the box, being a little less self-centered and that's all:) I read it somewhere, it's how many people who attend your funeral and the remarks you receive by them provides evidence of the kind of life you have actually lived. Remember we only get one life and since we have earned one after taking thousands of births, lets make a difference. Simply don't exist, start living instead because Jeena Isi ka Naam hai.

Cheers to humanity! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bomb Blasts.....Big Deal?

Well, I'm not going to talk about who to blame for the blasts or who's responsible as even though we have the answers, we can't do anything about it. I'm sure India is the place where if terrorists want, they can perform bomb blasts daily, so they are being kind enough to execute such plans on yearly basis only. Oh yes, I'm talking too much but again I can be part of these bombings too or anyone for that matter but I can say one thing, atleast we don't deserve disgraceful death like this when even a person like Kasab can lead a luxurious and persistent life by the grace of Indian Govt.
So If you think about it, these kinds of bomb blasts are executed to create havoc, panic and anxiety, but since these have just become the 'Routine' ,we all are so accustomed to it now, the main goal of creating fear has become a failure. I'm sure all the terrorists must be surprised to see the Zero reaction by India. but sorry guys, we can't help it and in fact we're getting mentally prepared for chances of being part of these blasts someday before we leave home and as a prework, whenever we hear the news of blasts, we don't let it affect our life for more than a day or two as we are common people and have no other alternative. Thanks to you but a BIGGER Thanks to our government for making us feel so helpless and incapacitated that we accept the fact that the day has come where we've began to think....Bomb blasts....Big deal? Tell me something new!