Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Slushy something

Hi there!

It's my 18th email to you and yet another despicable endeavor to long for your response. I had grit not to drop a line as I'm still going through the backwash of the trauma and suffering you provided and for all you know, it's not easy boy. Therefore, I tried persuading my mind saying you no longer acquire the prodigious place and you don't deserve one either? My mind urged and said I can render herculean efforts to get over you and I become convicted.....and right then my asshole heart comes and leaves me befuddled as it speaks of love- love which never expects back and then it makes me fall for you way over again with every elapsing moment and makes me consecrate my every word to you. It nullifies my campaign of "dis-remember you" as soon as it reminisces me of you calling me "honey, I love you"...I just submerge into those sweet memories of ours....and then reality strikes me and leaves me perplexed yet contemplated:

"In this crowded world,
if there was one thing, I could wish for 
I would wish for you to come back
the way you were before
passionately in love,
unaware of the universe
Echoing I'm yours....

In this crowded world
If there was one thing I could wish for
It will just be you,
and Wishes do come true,
sometimes, my Sweetheart"

-Droopy Rose

P.S.- Just an attempt to pen down schmalzy lines only for those who've been oppressed by their loved ones ever....


  1. Yes some wishes do come true :)

    But why is the rose droopy???

  2. @ Beyond Horizon- Droopy Rose illustrates one of the stages in a flower's life where stunning charm no longer lasts....merely residues

  3. If it's a wish, it won't come true but as I see this is love, just pure love..this is already so true :)

    Loved it, beautiful :)

  4. And yes, you are being stalked now :D


  5. @ Sourav- Thanks, but long way to go.....
    & about stalking, not once again in my life, hell NO :P

  6. If it's so long, why don't you love the 'way' too? :)
    Stalked (read:haunted) before? :p

  7. Ooops You got me wrong....long way to go
    for my "writing", it was just a sample
    to check if I can pen down a lil romantic stuff
    too :P
    Stalking? Don't remind me of that..
    just know that people can be frantic at times :P

  8. Writing or love, you got to love the way to reach the loved :)

    Why don't you write a post on that? Anyway I wrote one few days back! :p

  9. Oh yes, I'm in love with the "way".
    will try to write a post, waiting for "thoughts" :) btw, what is the post title which you wrote ?

  10. :) Will wait to read your thoughts!

    Btw see if you can relate to this letter by a stalker :p

  11. Sourav, Your strive to frighten me is not going in vain. When would you stop doing that :D....Actually, I'm shit scared and keep checking my privacy settings :)

  12. And I thought I can't even scare an ant away! :P

  13. I tell you..You are much better than you think you are!


टीका-टिप्पणी :-)