Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What do GUYS want ????

Alright, I have been attaining enough blog posts about girls being bewildered about what they WANT & blah blah blah, so thought of returning the favor to guys for the "discernment". First thing, Do guys really know what they really "want" ?????

They will run behind a girl like a Majnu, do everything possible to "Impress her" and the moment, Ladki fasi, they presume them to be Ghar ki Murgi and start trailing other chicks around. They would crib about company not giving them opportunity to fly abroad but as soon as they land there, they would realize India was better. If you talk to them redundantly, you are not giving them 'space', if you don't call them or message them even for a day; they will ponder whether you are with another guy. They want their girlfriend to look ravishing but when she does, they would detest if someone appreciates her. They want love marriage, and after they bring home the bacon, an arranged was better. If you don't pay heed to their friends, you have an attitude problem and if you confabulate, you are flirting....List can go on and on and yet Endeavour to construe masculine complexity persists cryptic.

I aver the conception that it's baffling to prognosticate girls due to their immense emotions and decisions obnubilated by upsurge feelings instead of rational and coherent cerebration, but if you ask the bedrock, Girls just want a guy who can just LOVE her, that's all!

P.S. - Issued in Public (womanly) Interest for feminine incertitude and against male chauvinism. :D


  1. Guys just want good looks. PERIOD

  2. @ Anonymous- If they get good looks, they wish for a simple gal instead..I tell you defining them in one sentence is just out of question :D

  3. hehe...interesting observations yet it's not always true. Nice read :)

  4. @ Rachit- Thanks for reading it....Well, wrote this post exclusively for common ruck...exceptions are always there :)

  5. wow..that's quite a research!
    i hope the guys n gals are listening!
    funny species we are, na?
    oxymorons n then often-just morons...adorable morons though:-)

  6. well said Suruchi...and yes, we can't do without them :)

  7. Guys want booty clad chicks for flaunting sake and reasonably good looking chick to marry.

    They want sex and they want food. If he is not horny it means he is hungry and if he isnt hungry..he is ehem!

    sorry for being blunt :P

  8. Haha... so true. I wouldn't go ahead and say I am an exception :D

    I am not surprised that there is no dearth of literature available on what do men want and what do women want. We spend a lifetime figuring out the other species and if you think about it, had it not been this mysteriousness behind our persona, we would have been really bored while spending our lifetime. I hope you get the drift.

    (Note to self: Wondering why do I get philosophical while commenting and why do I get in lame-joke-cracking mode while blogging)

  9. technoflirt- Yeah, most of the guys are not :D
    That's quite a philosophy for sure :P Your joke cracking mode is much better :-)


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