Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Should Boys Have All the Fun ?

Time : Around 11 pm
Place: Manipal Center Signal, Bangalore                                  
Character: Myself and Another 'person'

There I was riding my Honda Pleasure...rashly above 60's. As soon as I crossed Manipal center signal, there he was! He immediately caught my attention, smiling, in white shirt, with a blackberry in right hand, waiting for me at left side of the corner road where barely you can see him due to absence of proper light . He'd noticed me too, he beckoned eagerly to made sure I see him and stop right there.........

Because, I was the bakra on a Saturday night and he'd witnessed me jumping the signal...ooops...these traffic police...They don't miss out when you break traffic rules, and why would they?.... they are remunerated for that and by catching you red handed, they earn their perquisite and apparently, Saturday's are lucky days for them :((
I applied sudden breaks and as a result bike surged forward with a quick jerk, I raised the helmet glass & peeped out...he seemed to be around 40 years old, wearing white shirt and khaki pant, had a big paunch which certified that he was a genuine traffic police :D
He said : You jumped the signal ( in Kannda accent )...and paused
I said in my mind, "I know that! else why on earth do you think I'm standing before you"...
Realizing he was waiting for me to utter something for the offence,
I replied: Sorry Sir, didn't notice the signal, it's late and......
he cut me down and spoke in typical police tone: No sorry worry, pay fine....and some words in kannada (which I couldn't catch) and show me the papers....what ? you can't see the red signal or what?
As soon as he spoke of papers I reminisced, last week my bike insurance expired and a week before that pollution check....I didn't give a damn back then and kept postponing it like a good citizen...and here I was! I'm so insane at times because of my devil-may-care attitude...duh!
I sighed and started speaking again: No sir, I follow all traffic rules and It's the first time I jumped a signal like this because it's 11pm and I have to rush home as my mom will be worrying (I was bluffing big time obviously)
He: That's what I'm also telling, like this accident happens, you young people will drive rashly all the time and won't follow the rules and then blame others if something happens.
he seemed too rigid, I mumbled in my mind again...(Buddy, you seem to be in mood for a long lecture for which I don't have time nor am I interested)
My thoughts were interrupted as he said reluctantly : No excuse...rules are rules...Show me the papers fast, DL, insurance and pay fine for crossing the signal.
Having no other choice left, I thought of using utmost and inviolable option.....
I looked into his eyes and gave an 'Alluring Smile' for a minute ( I know it was kinda sleazy but was a better option )...and said : I'm really sorry sir....won't do it again, please let me go.....and grinned again and faked my eyes expression to make sure he trips ;-))
and guess what, he was bewildered and it melted his ruggedness which meant he was swayed by my smile...
He said softly : It's ok, since this is your first time I'm letting you go, don't do it next time!...go now, it's late.

I just said thanks and without spending a single buck, I eluded. When I started riding my bike again, I began to think with pride ( may be ego)...Shoot! Was it that easy ????...and while I was lost in my thoughts, I realized I just jumped another red signal.....!!!!!

Disclaimer : Based on a true incident which is about a week's old.
If you are a guy reading : Don't even think of smiling, you might get penalized double :D
If you're a girl : Make sure you have proper documents, If not, don't break the rules and yes, smile part, keep that as a back up :) :) :)  


  1. @ Sourav- Blame the traffic police who fell for my smile, I'm sane :D

  2. ... And you still haven't got your DL yet ;)


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