Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From a blogger's Girlfriend

Dear Blogger boyfriend,

You would be surprised to see me here, specially writing a post, I know! but looks like you didn't leave me a choice. So as one of my friends suggested, why don't I make an attempt to convey my message for the first and last time using an interface which you comprehend better. Therefore, I'm writing this blog...ooops "post" sorry, come on! you know I'm a neophyte.

So let me start with my cribbing to make this post more conversant to you. I'm a little pissed as I had to go through the shitty process of creating my profile and You already know, how much it gets on my nerves to create, updates profile on a social forum like this and upon that, giving this blog a name. I finalized on "Sautan Blog" anyway. Okay, I'm cutting the crap now and here are my thoughts/concerns:

From the time, you have been engrossed in writing blog, you have stopped missing me. Initially when we used to talk, you never seemed so lost. Remember the last time? how you disconnected my call in between as soon as you experienced some "thoughts" to write a post.I mean what the fuck? how can a non-living supercede the living being specially your girlfriend. And when we were going out for dinner on your B'day, I came out from room wearing my peacock blue kurti you liked the most to surprise you, and you didn't even look at me and asked how is the new theme of your blog looking? oh, now don't strain your brain by thinking if you really said that. It couldn't be more insane. 

You blank out from responding my msgs but never to people commenting on your post. Your follower list interests you more than family. too bad :((( and what's with this feedjit? You are so much into knowing who visited your blog than your real friends and girlfriend visiting your house.Your writer looks now a days is just freaking me out! unshaved face, hair grown long giving you a gunda look, geeky personality, absentmindedness...I'm so worried about you! Recently, I've been to Tirupathi  wishing for you to get back as normal human being you used to be before blogging :(((((

Boyfriend's comments- hey, you have got writing skills too sweetheart ! Loved reading this post...following your blog too for more posts......keep writing :D


  1. hehe... is it what the gf of a blogger thinks? And, all writers don't have those unkempt looks, some do look handsome too at times :) Nice read :)

  2. I guess so or it's just could be my extra creativity :)...and better they carry themselves well...Thanks! :D

  3. pwahahahaha...poor chick!i am not sure if i shud call the boyfriend naive for not understanding her or shud i call him a smartass to divert so uniquely from her accusations :P

  4. @ Red Handed- Call him a "blogger" instead :D
    Thanks for dropping by and following :)

  5. Oh.. the comment of boy friend made me go bonkers... so damn predictable :D
    P.S. this alerts me, I have to refrain becoming like this in future :P


  6. aj: Thanks for making me feel that my this post is helping on a serious cause called "Additive blogger boyfriends" :D


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