Sunday, June 5, 2011

In love with the way

While I was proceeding towards the destination
where you were waiting for me,
On the way, I met passengers
Some were good and some were insane
Some cautioned me about the hindrance
and entreated me to reach safe
while some admonished me and
tried confounding my way
But I continued walking
and the thought that you are
waiting for me kept me going
I was exhausted yet never retreated
I was frightened in the dark,
but compiled my courage somehow
and marched on and on towards you
Nothing could halt me
and when I was about to reach
I paused and gave it a thought
If you really desired to meet me
Wouldn't you be already here beside me
while I'm taking the air on the way alone
Apparently after walking for so long,
I eventually stopped as
I fell in love with the "way" itself
which helped me to distinguish
between the Real and artificial.


  1. bold and beautiful :) Nice read :)

  2. three posts in a night...:) great.. quite creative :)

  3. Don't worry won't comment like hell from now-onwards. As I will do injustice if I keep on chatting over a commenting box. I must take blog leave now. :)

  4. And I am in love with your thought of falling in love with the way, and with thoughts so beautiful this journey will be a happy one.

    Thank you for writing this, what a beautiful way to this Sunday :)

  5. Sourav: Needless to say why this beautiful thought came into my mind :) Thank you!

  6. :) 'twas always there in you, as much as I can know!

  7. Hmm...never thought like it..very new way to fall in love..Naice!

    And your blog name is so super good..i love it!

  8. Alcina: Thanks a lot & good to know someone liked my blog name :)


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