Sunday, June 5, 2011

Please don't

Don't customize me,
Accept me the way I am
Don't take me for granted
but appreciate me at present
You never know
what life holds in future
It may have benediction
or It may dash your hopes
Don't rely on destiny
Esteem the power of love
Don't make the promises
you know you can't uphold
and for the most part,
Don't say you love me
If you really don't
because watching your loved ones go
is what hurts the most :(


  1. If they are your loved one's, they won't leave you ever :) quite courageous though :)

  2. You already know how much I loved it :)

  3. @ Rachit- Can't believe you are reading my posts as soon as I post them...Thank you! and loved ones do leave unfortunately is what I have seen :(

  4. @ Sourav- Well, I do...thanks for appreciating my "random thoughts" though.

  5. Gargi: I'm a nocturnal man, so can't help it out really. The only way to keep me at bay is to postpone your posts timing till morning. :P

  6. Rachit: I'm nocturnal too....what can I say now

  7. Each and every line meaning in really amazing. After reading your blog i follow your comments in my life.

  8. @ Gohost- Thanks! Good to know you can relate :)

  9. Above line are fantastic lines for affections. if compose for this poem means its look great.My favourite line for tat poem is :Don't make the promises you know you can't uphold. it give painful meaning.

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  10. I am new guy for this blog.Most of the people like this kind of information. Its miracle lines about affection. In this world everyone depend on good life. Its interesting poem


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