Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sleepless Nights

This is me, restless once again, in my flat, trying to slumber on another weekend's night and failing to do so. There is something about these sleepless nights, I tell you. They bother you like crazy. Though, lights are switched off, I somehow can't get to sleep. Still staring at walls, looking at how fan is moving and gazing at everything else placed in the room around me. Since 2 hours, I'm listening to the tik-tok sound of the clock and imagining the movement of it's second and minute hands. Time is running and it's 2:15 AM. I also hear the dogs barking from somewhere on the empty roads. I close my eye lids for the 4th time with the hope that dark blank screen would make me fall asleep but again picture of memories strike me and deviate my mind and thoughts. So many things running in my mind at the same time and making me frantic with worry. I begin to think, What has happened to me, where has my sleep gone? Was I like this before? Oh there sleepless nights, Have I turned into an insomniac? I panic and then murmur to myself- "Why the fuck I just can't sleep?" 

"That's because you woke up by 3 PM in the afternoon after sleeping continuously for 13 hours on another consecutive weekend" -Says my sister who is lying next to me :D


  1. Sourav: Do read the last line of the post. I have a valid reason :D

  2. ehehe...happens with everyone!

    Take Care.

  3. same here, with no pause every weekend :(

  4. When the next day is Sunday, no one cares for the reason ;)


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