Saturday, June 4, 2011

So Called "Boyfriends"

This is for all the girls who are/were in a relationship with "guys"(Being finical considering today's cosmos). My this post is consecrated for the activities of ex, current & potential boyfriends which annoy girls to the core. So, I have jotted down some peculiar points:

1.He can't remember dates no matter how hard he tries. He forgets your B'day's, anniversary, the date when you first met, first kissed, first texted, first added him on gtalk, facebook, orkut, Linkedin. Ooops exaggerated a little but you do remember "important" dates, Don't you?
2. He can't change his habit of ogling at other chicks regardless of how ravishing you look.
3. His indisposition to share every damn thing occurring around like eating, going out with friends for a drink, going to sleep, gets up, the time he gets back home etc.
4. You expect him to be an amorist in subsequent years in a relationship or reminisce his paroles he gave when he wanted to hook up with you initially. Totally unlikely to happen.
5. His career precedes you. So as a result, he's been "busy" with something he can't comprehend and you won't absolve.
6. He changes like petrol price and you want him to be consistent.
7. He is rationalist and not very sentimental, unlike you.
8. He can't assuage you with shopping or colour selection.
9. Your 10 sentences= His 1 sentence.
10. He takes you for "granted" which resents you big time.
11. He doesn't understand if you consort with a guy and say he's "just a friend". 
12. Last but never the least- Male's Ego!!!!

After writing so many points, you may envy me for my last sentence though. "Had he not been inert and apathetic, you wouldn't have fallen for him at the first place" :D

Disclaimer- These are based on my perceptions which can obviously be different than yours :)


  1. what can I say now, you completely choked me off. I can't deny a single point except the last one. :P Nice read :)

  2. "9. Your 10 sentences= His 1 sentence."

    I know! And for the rest no comments! :P

  3. His career precedes you. So as a result, he's been "busy" with something he can't comprehend and you won't absolve.
    this one is really true :P

  4. "first added him on gtalk, facebook, orkut, Linkedin"..............huh! By this logic boys will have to remember 365 days of a year, because everyday something so called 'important' will be happening.

    But a nice read indeed. :)

  5. @ Rachit- Thanks for reading it...It's about creativity which is unique in each one of us,So I can't possibly choke off a great writer!

    @ Sourav -It's a pleasure to receive comments from a great blogger :)

    @ Monica- I know sweetie, these are "busy" guys ;)

    @ Blogman- Thanks for the sharing your thoughts here...If not much, they can at-least remember the "significant" ones like anniversary and B'days :P

  6. hey u deleted my comments :)

  7. Jim- Yes, thought of your dignity as told earlier via gmail :) and btw, I gave you the answers of your each concern...You do remember your own b'day, don't you?

  8. Thanks baby...Just a small effort :)

  9. I am too miniscule to be called great. But it's still good to hear that from a person who herself can write so well. Thanks! :)

    And yes, I noticed! :P

  10. @ Sourav- I'm honored if you think so...
    and noticing part, You should have seen my bashings over gmail ;)

  11. great writer? Yeah, you are a great writer and if that was for me.. please I don't like such type of jokes. :)

  12. @ Rachit- That was indeed for you and after reading your posts, anyone would call you great :)

  13. Well, I won't be making your comment box look like a chatter box though I'm just a poor nerd. :)

  14. hmm....I read your "poor nerd" post too! You write nice, trust me on that!

  15. Hehe... you actually liked it.. !! a girl teared of the page and said what bakwass was that.. :P Well, that was inspired by anything for you ma'am.. :)

  16. Awesome Gargi :-) Myself experienced most of them.

  17. Nidhi : I knew girls can relate better :)

  18. "Had he not been inert and apathetic, you wouldn't have fallen for him at the first place"
    So very very true!
    Really nice blog, btw :)

  19. Quite true right!
    Thanks Harini :)


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