Saturday, June 4, 2011

So stuck with you!

I wish it was insouciant
to love and just draw a blank
because at the end of it
Insularity is all I regret
being with you was the
best thing I ever had
and now that you're foregone
why your memories don't get bleached
and obliterate,
They keep reminding me of you
every now and then
and keep smothering me with your absence
I am absentminded, baffled, scatty & perplexed
The mere thing I'm dubious about is
when loving you was so easy,
why Moving on is so difficult???


  1. Expressions - deep; choice of words - perfect; touches the readers' soul but for the subject on your post can I reply back to your post with a post, I wrote just a month back?

  2. @ Sourav- Would love that. what are you waiting for?

  3. quite true, its quite tough to answer why life stick to that utter moment of pain and hurt. Nice read :)

  4. Thanks Rachit! I'm glad you liked it and yes, we can't have an answer why life does that!

  5. moving on is always difficult because of the memories associated , I wish we had something to erase our memories :P

  6. @ Monica-Yes, Surely it is...but isn't it what life is all about....I mean, every passing moment just becomes a memory at the end...good or bad

  7. Memories...painful...but pleasurable ones too...Its on us how we remember them :)


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