Saturday, July 2, 2011

After break-up "Effects"

From the time, you've been gone baby:

1. My cell phone's battery back-up has turned from drained to perdurable & I'm happy about it. (You are already aware, I hate charging my cellphone's battery ;-)
2. Have been tagged as "single". Predominately I like it, seldom don't!
3.I am a 'free bird' in my consciousness and turn into a "fish" after getting sloshed ;-)
4.Received 9-10 proposals in a month (2 of them were your close friends)...oh now don't be possessive, I acknowledged none, so be happy now:-)
5.Finally have TIME to fetch up many things I never had accomplished before. Well, they are still on the "list", damn it!!!
6.Music alleviates.I exclusively listen to "break-up" songs too and I hardly cry now ( on tears-saving mode ) :P
6.At times I think I'm moving on but subsequently, back to track again and this goes on ;-)
7.My liveliness & cartoon-ism remains unperturbed. So my friends still giggle until their stomach hurts when they are in my company :D
8. Blogging!!!!!!!!! I have been dynamically involved this time around and have some adorable followers too!

So thanks a lot for the love, concern, prevarication, trauma, crap and bullshit. When I think of it, somewhere, I'm shaping up my life better than I thought I was :-)


  1. :)

    And thanks for calling me adorable ! :D

  2. Sourav : well, It was supposedly for my every followers ;) You are one among them apparently!

  3. oooo..super i read somewhere-'people with high n unnecessary attitude deserve the standing ovation of our tallest finger'

  4. break-up aftermath realization, insightful post as my ex would be experiencing something similar :P

    Weakest Link

  5. love gives wings of freedom...that is why i do not believe in falling in love...i prefer flying...the best way to test true love is to unshackle you partner...if he/she comes back, he/she is the one...if he/she leaves he/she never was the one...they do not deserve your precious emotions that you are wasting...

    Nice post...


  6. Rachit: could be :D

    SUB: I completely agree with you, but there are many factors involved too! It isn't that simple every-time...
    Thanks :-)

  7. Ah I wish I had handled things this way...I have never really been single after my first break up.... :-| but I totally loved this post :-) cheers to freedom

  8. ha! These points could definitely be added to this -


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