Friday, July 15, 2011

Bomb Blasts.....Big Deal?

Well, I'm not going to talk about who to blame for the blasts or who's responsible as even though we have the answers, we can't do anything about it. I'm sure India is the place where if terrorists want, they can perform bomb blasts daily, so they are being kind enough to execute such plans on yearly basis only. Oh yes, I'm talking too much but again I can be part of these bombings too or anyone for that matter but I can say one thing, atleast we don't deserve disgraceful death like this when even a person like Kasab can lead a luxurious and persistent life by the grace of Indian Govt.
So If you think about it, these kinds of bomb blasts are executed to create havoc, panic and anxiety, but since these have just become the 'Routine' ,we all are so accustomed to it now, the main goal of creating fear has become a failure. I'm sure all the terrorists must be surprised to see the Zero reaction by India. but sorry guys, we can't help it and in fact we're getting mentally prepared for chances of being part of these blasts someday before we leave home and as a prework, whenever we hear the news of blasts, we don't let it affect our life for more than a day or two as we are common people and have no other alternative. Thanks to you but a BIGGER Thanks to our government for making us feel so helpless and incapacitated that we accept the fact that the day has come where we've began to think....Bomb blasts....Big deal? Tell me something new!


  1. And for a change, we can stop attending our school, colleges and offices till the government announces that from hereon there will be no bomb blasts anywhere in the country, and if the government fails to acknowledge their words then they will step aside from the parliament for a new competent government.

  2. true...we won't react...that is why our politicians are trying to make it a political agenda then a terrorist one...big deal!

  3. It is not always the govt., we have to blame. Its our self. We are the ones who elected these people and vest them with the power to made a pandemonium with our lives. You say we have got used to it. fine. If you do not want to change the situation and welcome more of the same then 'get used to' is the best thing to do. India is a completely democratic nation. When you blame the govt., it shows over own failure in judging the person we have elected...

    No offence dear! But the truth is always the truth!

  4. @ Niya- And no matter who you elect, I'm failed to even find one single person who is not corrupt...& normal people like us can't make much difference as we have to go to work, slog and survive somehow. What best we can do is only create awareness by writing, posting and raising our voice at public forums like this. And that's why the job for India's safety has been given to someone else who is supposed to be dedicated and save the country by using the tax money we pay...apparently they are not at all doing it well. Thanks for your views. Atleast people ARE thinking.

  5. @Droopy Rose well there is were almost everyone are wrong. we think that paying our taxes and electing our Representatives to the legislature is the only work and power we have. but unfortunately it is not. In the preamble of our constitution its clearly starts with 'we, the people of India....' It means we are the supreme power in our country. Not the president, not the Prime minister or anyone. Its us. Its not like 'we are normal people and we cant do anything' attitude. that attitude has already bought this situation upon us. We elect the politicians for our own benefit!If We don't look after our own employees, then, who would?? Its time for a revolution and show them politicians just who is in charge, we or them?!

  6. @Droopy Rose yes sweetz... lets bring it on:)


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