Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jeena Isi ka Naam hai

Materialistic world, Isn't it? Everyone is running on the dense racecourse of earning money. The status adds up with how much is there in your account or which car, gadgets you own. From the time you open your eyes in the morning to the time you finally sleep, the race is on.We're rushing but crashing others. Even though we win, would that be a real triumph? An ideal life is the life lived for others. It's good to earn money but are we missing on the very fundamental thing called our profound emotions. Agreed to the point that we have other obligations but can't we take out a little time to help some poor child we see on road or someone who meets with an accident and needs your help? What if you have to compromise a bit, may be you reach office late one day because you have helped someone but think about the impact you would be making in someone else's life. If you are confused about priorities, then make use of your logical thinking and sense of judgement. Lend helping hands to someone, it doesn't have to be always financial support, it could be as small as treating everyone with equality and respecting the differences. Human beings are considered one of the best species and it should reflect in our actions too. Imagine how the world would be if everybody becomes worldly-minded? God-forbid, what if you are on the other side someday. How would you expect others to react? And why don't you start living that way, being a little more human, thinking out of the box, being a little less self-centered and that's all:) I read it somewhere, it's how many people who attend your funeral and the remarks you receive by them provides evidence of the kind of life you have actually lived. Remember we only get one life and since we have earned one after taking thousands of births, lets make a difference. Simply don't exist, start living instead because Jeena Isi ka Naam hai.

Cheers to humanity! 


  1. Bravo! great articles! makes you realize the mistakes. I hope someone will get inspired by reading this and the next time they see someone in need, they would spare a little of there precious time for them.. I know i'll!!

  2. thoughtful indeed....but that's how the world rolls!!

  3. @ Niya- Yes..just a small endeavour to change the world.
    Rachit- Thanks
    Chintan- And that's why we are here to make a difference :)

  4. nice thought...i do not know if human beings are the best species or the worst...but we can definitely be much better...

    my fav quote is "at the end of the rat race you are still a rat"...

  5. "worldly-minded" is how it is now sadly-too much work, too much to do and not enjoying what we should-money and more money does not bring brings more stress, busier schedules and missing out on what truly matters!

    thoughtful post!

  6. @ SUB- And we are better rats :D
    @Suruchi - Truly said! and thanks :)

  7. that's quite an inspirational post., at least it did inspire me to be more human :)
    gr8 work .

  8. Ashish- Thank you! Hope it helps being a human to all of us :)


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