Saturday, July 9, 2011

Only Mine Or Of NObody's

I have finally seen Omkara.I know it's way too late but at last I made a point to see this movie and this post is not a review of the movie but about the end message and morality. After watching it, it made me think about so many things I wanted to ask people. Do you think you really have the right to kill someone just because they cheat on you. Well, I dissent. You can dump the person or abandon them but can't take their lives. News channels are filled with love triangles and murder mysteries as a consequence of over possessiveness. Let it be love Triangle in Pune or Neeraj Grover case in Mumbai. There are hundreds of love affairs like this which end up in murder or rather brutal murders where body is chopped into pieces. Gosh, what has happened to people? where is the humanity gone??? Obsessivity and luxuria can never be compared with love which is considered so pure and altruistic.

To talk about the root cause, influencing western culture comes into picture to a certain extent however, it's conducive to the impact. The way your parents bring you up, you parent your kids and the kind of values are given to you and received also play a huge role. The desire to possess someone by hook or crook contributes to it more often than not. So as a youngster, what can you do? Well, advocate your kids and friends to accept the reality and face it rather than hoping that there could be a second chance. Always make a good friend circle who can guide you when you are in bad situations positively. Remember, anything done in excess lead to its total abandonment;let alone be possessiveness. I guess that's too much of gyan but try following it if you can and yes, share your thoughts or ideas to help make this society a better place.

Live and let live!


  1. sharing of good ideas has always lead to evolution of good societies...lets spread the good message...


  2. Love can never take away a life...Its the obsession that leads to such atrocities.

    You said it nicely.

  3. live and let live... that's the point, but in our country people have this peculiar intriguing characteristic of indulging in other life more often then their own which leads to struggle of emotions.

    Weakest Link

  4. SUB : That's true :)

    Beyond Horizon : Thanks! I'm still learning :)

  5. Rachit: Yes, that's the point, why do you think orkut, fb and now Google+ became so popular...bcz people are so much interested in other's life than their own!

  6. nothing justifies taking another's life-especially a cheating partner-it's so silly, when someone's fallen out of love or philandering for whatever reasons-what would YOU derive anyways by killing him or her?????????

    love sometimes really is blind and totally dumb too!

  7. Suruchi : I believe which can take someone's life can not be love, it could be lust, jealousy,possessiveness or any other selfish feeling... Thanks :)


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