Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pyaar kaaaaaaa punchnama

As the title suggests, my post is about the movie Pyar ka Punchanama and I have seen this movie a while ago. No doubt, it’s a good one time watch with superb comedy. Actors are handsome and were motivation to watch this movie especially the chasmish guy, simply loved his “Sweet language.” So here are a few thoughts:
  1. Relationship needs “work.” A little compromise here and there especially when you are going to spend your lifetime with another person. No doubt, you have to sacrifice certain things as you are not living alone L
  2. Girls are irritating at times or rather most of the times ( Sorry girls! ) and some of the incidences which are referred in the movie are just so true but again, despite of whatever they do, you can’t do without them.
  3. I didn’t find ending of the movie quite impressive. Can life really go on like a bachelor away from all the commitments, marriage? If you break-up like actors in this movie, Can you get customized girls as per your requirements? If yes, I’d have to think twice: D
  4.  Movie also addresses girl’s ex-boyfriends but usually some guys, I repeat, only some guys manage 2-3 relationships well until caught. Don’t blame me, blame the surroundings I notice :P
  5. At some point of time, we all want someone we can share out feelings with. It feels better if that someone is opposite sex. Guys tell their secrets to a girl faster than they would to their old friends. What say?
So Guys and girls, It's a nice movie. DO watch it if you haven’t. If you already did, I'm sure you'd have enjoyed watching it but please take away only “Good” messages and don’t mess up your relationships and start relating things because you have seen that in the movie. Come on! Movie will remain a movie and we go there because we like exaggeration of certain things J

Disclaimer : Issued in public interest after noticing people getting wrongly influenced :D


  1. Yeah, it looks the director and the writer have experienced a lot of break-ups :P And at times it becomes quite annoying to tolerate a girl. Take that in good sense. :P

  2. Rachit: I agree but it's both ways at times, trust me :(

  3. why that dull face:?? and again this nocturnal animal is eating away your comment box :P Well its like a medicines, you hate them, they taste sour yet no choice whatsoever.


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