Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Untitled

Well, this is a very unplanned post, sort of random as I wanted to take a break from the free gyan I've been delivering and experiencing in return.

Today is the beginning of a long weekend due to Monday being an off ( Yeah... Independence day, I love you for that too unless you fall on a Sat/Sunday :) Undoubtedly, we all love weekends and specially Friday nights are the best ones atleast for me. Sunday evenings are sulky as it prompts me of the normal routine (slavery of US I call it if you work for an MNC) on the weekdays and upon than, the gloomy feeling "weekend is over?". 
Okay, this post is not about Monday blues, it's about how I enjoyed my today's Friday evening which eventually became Saturday early morning. Yet, I'm very much awake now as usual. So here is how it went and is ongoing:

As soon as I came from the work and settled down, around 11 pm, I overheard my very next door neighbors who happen to be four male bachelors, babbling out pure feelings direct dil se kind. Due to my common sense, I figured they were besotted. So as alcohol began to show its effects, the songs from the 'gayak padhosis' started popping out (drinks turn you into great personalities you would have not imagined). The kind of songs came out were the ones which make you feel nostalgic followed by Sher-o-shayri serving as the breather amidst 4-5 songs continuously. I could hear them giggling, feeling low and high as the songs demanded. In short, they were having fun and I was getting entertained for free too at the same time.Let me try sharing some audio in writing along with the background music.
Aaj Mausam badha beimaan hai......(Oho)
Meri bheegi bheegi si palko pe....(downplayed by somebody)
Mai shayar to nahi.......( Drrraring )
Julieeeeeee......(applaud sound)
Hum bewafa hargiz na the....(Wah wah)
Tum to thehre pardesi........(plates and spoon doing their work)

Shhhhhhh....Guess I hear them dancing on Sanorita now. Am I eavesdropping? No, they are loud enough to be heard :) I'm surrounded by the positive environment rather phonation....So overall, I am having a good time. Wish you enjoy too and before I forget, A sincere thanks to the neighborhood!

P.S. - As a blogger, I ponder, would it be the same after they get married?