Friday, September 9, 2011

A Shopaholic

Well, I'm a Shopaholic. Quite often, I find myself in clumsy quandary whenever I encounter something captivating like this-
My Heart- Hey, look at that! WOW! Awesome watch. it would look fab on you.
My BrainIndeed, it's a nice watch and it would look good on "anyone" not just you. Sweetheart, it's a month end and you already have 2 expensive watches. You have been gifted with a Fossil watch just last week on your B'day.
HeartBut that isn't Tommy Hilfiger and look at the watch man. It's TOMMY. It's so damn cool!
Brain-Think twice baby. Already you've spent so much in your Delhi trip. Your bank account will become zero. You want that to happen? You promised that you would invest in some saving plan. Where is it gone?
Heart -That saving plan is for next month anyway. What are credit cards for? just don't think too much. Pick it up.
Brain- Don't. You will regret after you pay the bill.
Heart -Come on! Don't pretend to be a mature and senescent girl. When I know you are not. The more you think, the more it will confuse you. 
Brain- Wait! Take a moment. Think again. You can buy it next time too after settling your credit card dues for this month. You have shopped so much in Delhi. This can wait. Trust me.
HeartWhat if someone picks it up. I'm sure somebody will shortly. Look at that guy, looks like he is planning to buy it for his girl. Moreover, Nobody leaves good things in Bangalore for donkey's years. 
Brain-Don't treat me like your enemy. I help you take logical decisions which are good in long term. This is luxury and not a necessity. Don't act like a kid now.
HeartWho cares! Life is uncertain and moments just pass by. Nobody has seen the future anyway! 
I- Shut up you brain! You make too much of noise all the time. Why don't you take rest for sometime while I buy it....And I go, swipe my credit card and come out with an alluring smile out of the mall like Queen Victoria.
So this was my story, Let it be clothes, accessories or anything else, after looking at the stuff clung to any statue or display, don't know what happens! I forget about my saving plans my friends had suggested, forget about my credit card dues and my financials. The only thing what matters that time is the things which are screaming at me -"Come. I'm meant for you. Own me!" and there I go, recklessly....hug them and say, come home :)

P.S.- "I like my money right where I can see it -hanging in my closet"- Sex and the city.


  1. :) and that's how it should be :) in the closet :D

  2. lol...i hate shopping...but i do like following my heart...

    nice one :)

  3. @ Aakash- Is it a good thing? Come on, Think about about future (poor) hubby :P

    @ Chintan- and that's where my all money is :)

    @ SUB -then you and I belong to the "kamzor dil" community ;)

  4. jab dil aur dimaag ke beech ladai chal rahi dil ki hi sun ni chahiye :)

  5. @ Deb- Yes, fun doing too! My heart always wins no matter what :)


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