Sunday, September 11, 2011

What If Movies were for real

Strange to think about I know and a bit awkward too. But what if movies were for real? Movies in context with the Bollywood masala types.
1. There wouldn't be happy ending all the times first thing.
2.Actors will have to think about the survival and their financials along with love.
3.Heroes definitely can't fight with 10 "Gundas" and yet win. I'm sure they would be Chaaro khaane chit even if one of the Gundas hits them hard.
4.They would run to Gas station every now and then to fuel their car/bike and would crib about petrol/diesel prices rising up.
5. They will have to bribe the traffic police or pay fine when caught for drinking and driving.
6. Oftentimes , Hero sings a complete song for day and night over the phone for his girl when they are on STD relations. If it's prepaid, chances are his call might get disconnected before the song could be completed. If it's postpaid, he will get monthly bomb bill and then may inquire about cheap STD rate plans  :D
7. Sallu's shirt would not be removed automatically with Air or water effects ( as shown in Body Guard and Dabang)
8. Even hot actresses would suck without make-up, expensive dresses and accessories.
9.Stuntman would not be replaced with hero for stunt scenes.
10.Actor and actress will sing in their real voice instead of lip-syncing. Wow! It would sound awesome! isn't it?
11. NO CUT! So basically no going back once anything is said and done.
12. All izzz never well :)

And there is just so much more I could write. So if you think about all the points, we all are real heroes and heroines and play a better role in life. So be proud of that... I am :)
So why do we like most of the movies which are just so unrealistic? May be it's because we like the possibilities and dream-world where just anything is possible and so damn easy. In real life, nothing comes for free and there are compromises every day. To sum up, there are also a few movies which were kinda practical and realistic, I could remember some like "Bawandar", "Corporate" and "Page-3" however, they were not able to gain the audience's interest as much as the delusive ones did because we all love that dreamworld. So happy watching movies. They're good time-pass!


  1. lol...nice one...

    sm1 leaving Del and causing the earth to quake...isn't that filmy? :P

    we love our dream world....movies are for fun....and so is life :)

  2. SUB- Call it filmy or real, but it had happened :P
    and life should be fun at every cost :) Thanks!

  3. I was beginning to say that I liked Point no 3...when I noticed...there are actually number 3 points... :)
    I was talking about diesel and petrol prices...may be the real life heroes would have to sacrifice on many things.. to compensate for that...I like all kinds of movies...just not the stupid ones..if you know..what I mean ;)

  4. @ Kunal- Thanks for catching on that....and I don't have any idea of what you mean :)Thanks though!

  5. stranger things happen in real life :)

  6. I agree with Chintan above.. you will be amazed at how unreal reality can be :)

  7. @ Chintan and Yogi- Yes, I have witnessed the 'strange things' too in my life, but not everything is fun watching unfortunately :P Thanks:)


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