Saturday, October 1, 2011

Droopy Rose

You wouldn't know,
how vicious and harsh
I could be
with an artful innocent face,
alluring smile
and enthralled soul
I can befool the world
and take pride

You wouldn't know
how I can spellbound you
with my enchanting eyes
and possess your mind,
turn you into a fondest guy,
then tear you to pieces, 
rip you apart,
and not feel a thing

You wouldn't know
how I'm capable of anything
in this world
I can make your heart skip its beat,
draw you into madness,
then be a stranger to you
and not care at all
carrying last laugh throughout

But If ever I fall for you
you would know
how I will put you on a pedestal,
and how I enunciate
though my captivating playful eyes
and be tender as a newborn baby
slip into your arms,
blush and shy
like a droopy rose
blossoming once again!


  1. i know how vicious u can be delhi rocker!

    loved it...someone is gonna be really lucky when u make that mistake :)


  2. This is one of your best write ups! I love your story here, and like always you were commanding love, instead of asking for it.
    Great read Gargi!

  3. SUB- Let see :-) But before that I plan to rock Delhi(and NCR) once more, you better be ready :D

    Vinesh-SUB says well always :-)

    Dev- Thank you! that's a true story by the way :)

  4. You wouldn't know until you read this post that how brilliant it is carved out.:)

    Weakest LINK

  5. You can be super evil, it seems. :P
    Ek dialogue yaad aa Gaya....'The one who are hardest to love are the one who need it most'!

    From Peaceful Warrior.

  6. Rachit- and I am flying high, up there!

    Kunal- Oh yes, I can be! I wouldn't validate the dialogue though...thanks!

  7. Hey Droopy Rose, wow, awesum poem.. love the sweetness served with a hint of danger but more than that, loved the way u structured the whole poem .. beautifully written n the chill surrounding each para adds that contrast which makes one read it again :)

    as lovely the rose, yet the thorns surround...

    brilliantly structured, Rose :)

  8. R-A-J: thanks a lot, makes my day! Yes, lovely rose with thorns :)

  9. I once wrote a poem called as The Rose. Now am wondering if you are it

  10. @ Kush- Sounds cool! Really, I would be interested in reading it....what's the poem link/title?



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