Sunday, October 23, 2011


LOVE......cant really weigh it but pretty heavy word right? I feel a chest pain these days as soon as I hear this word :P It takes lives, changes lives, changes you and for the most part turns you into a bankrupt (if you are a guy and you possess a high maintenance girl) and also contributes to the population if all it turns into marriage ( applies to straight people only) . So everything was going fine in my life and then I fell in love! That's all...End of the story..Love has fcuked up my life and I have fcuked up its name...Remember, Khoon ka badla khoon....If love has made me laugh, it had made me cry twice the times. In-fact, I was this much frustrated that I planned to create a FCUK Love community and be its brand ambassador..but due to funding issues I couldn't. Selfish world you see! Many life savers for Love thing.

Anyway, I was thinking if its possible to give 9 months punishment for breaking someone's heart? ( okay, don't hold me by the number 9 please) the punishment could be not letting the guy or girl get into any kind of relationship until 9 months and making the person go through all sort of emotional torture during this time ( How cruel I could be sometimes I know ;-) So atleast people will think twice before dumping someone or breaking their hearts....This way, they can't get away with it and catch another bakra or bakri :P 

I have taken an oath not to fall in love again but everytime there is a guy trying very hard for me to break the oath. What the hell? Can't you guys just be supportive at times! and specially my old friends, you don't have to fall in love with me. It spoils the friendship and then If I say No to your proposal, eventually I would be breaking your heart and then the punishment which I came up with and was so proud of, would apply to me as well...*smirk*. But I really sympathize with guys as most of the girls you would try for are committed and the remaining single ones are not in for a relationship or lesbo ;) Sad! Unfortunately, I can not do anything about it. So that is it for now.

Till then Stay Single, Stay happy :D


  1. I feel a chest pain these days as soon as I hear this word

  2. Apparently Fcuk and Love stay together, literally or otherwise too ;)

    The way you cribbed, quite shows how much you want to be in love. Quite humane, I know!

  3. Ohh... fcuk love.. and well the broken hearts are the most susceptible to finding love again.. heheeh:P

    Weakest LINK

  4. I never understand how come the word FUCK became something me fuck and love are both bliss :D

  5. @ Jidhu- lol

    @ Sourav- Yeah, they do..
    If love carries another break-up, its a clear No No for me :-)

    @ Rachit - So true :-)

    @ SUB- Yes, both are bliss...Love is not bad if its successful at the end :D

  6. With love, you are always so sure about not being sure. Take a chance, life is about that precisely :)

  7. Hahaha, amazing to find a post with the same name as my blog :D

    actually, my take is that we all need to fall in n out of love -> it keeps one's heart alive n kicking.. I mean, if one stops falling in love, then the heart wud just turn idle :)

    So fr the sake of ur heart, fall in love, Rose...

    becos u can :)
    (yes, i even wrote a post on this :))

    loved the post, Rose :)

  8. i tohtally understand ur pain yaar... love is painful at time... but u should live for the good time rather than the bed...

    ur writeup's r interesting... following u...

    and trust me being in love is better than not being in it :)

    Take care and keep writing...........

  9. R-A-J: Trust me, I was surprised too...I like your concept of love :) I might someday, who knows...btw, whats the post title? would love to read it.

    Thousif- Yes, love is hurt most of the times :-) Love is a great thing altogether but now definition of everything is changing so may no longer be a sacred thing in future :(

  10. @ droopy Rose: maybe... but the problem is with the values that we are being brought up... i donno is it because of the city culture or relationships having no meaning nowadays... but when a person falls in love however cruel or bad he maybe... i think and believe that he will change for the better... but that search may not be so pure nowadays... its actually sad ya... i hope things do happen for the better... i sincerely hope that... :)

    Take care and keep writing :)

  11. lol, love aaahhhh .. the word which makes you soar high up in th esky like an inflated helium ballon, and takes you back down with a puncture... :D .. hahahah .... awesome read .. fuck love ambasador.. really ??

  12. Thousif- Yes, change for better...I really wish

    Menaachery- Yes, exactly, with puncture and hits me hard..thanks..Yes, I'd plan to, lemme know if you are interested, we can share the title :P

  13. Oh.. you broke my heart that you can't do anything for single guys like me, I was sooo going to propose you :/

    How on earth-u holy-earth-u, can I find love-u?
    (PS: Nice-post-u :D)

  14. Technoflirt- Ahaan much better then, I had got your time saved then before the act itself:P
    and btw I hate the song Kolavari....weird I know:D


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