Saturday, October 22, 2011

Men Vs. chocolaty boys

So this is for all the so-called chocolaty and more chocolaty boys who are trying to compete with female species. I'll tell you how? All this while we female used to be proud and think that cosmetics and make-ups are really our inborn territory and we own it. Well, the time has changed, sadly. Even the lipstick which used to be stuck only on female's lips to help them achieve typical female look is now very easily can be seen on guys lips and that sucks if you ask me. I'm so heartbroken because of the "guys" who are trying out every possible cosmetics on them instead of buying it for their girlfriends and wives. The day is not very far when girls will gift make-up kit to guys on occasions. There was a time when guys used to fondle female's long hair, ooops now its the female who have to caress men's long dangling hair and pony. Increased responsibility for us you see and then there are many facial creams to make them look fairer ;-) Emami had to come up with fair and handsome cream considering the high demand in the market. So if you say that females have progressed in every field, its guys who have proved their right on female's owned cosmetic world as well by respecting gender equality. 

Today's modern guys shave their chest hair frequently to show off their cleavage (trust me,its not a good idea to show it off unless you are a female;) ,carry a short pony and spend a hell lot on hairdo like gel and hairstyle, also not to forget the piercing of body and ears. They try out every possible new product which is launched in market for men and for female in some cases :P I still don't like men who wear lipstick. Come on! If you are a man reading the post, you'd still like to be called handsome instead of beautiful :D There are certain things which should be only for us na, okay at-least spare some feminine colours like pink and lavender. I'm sure you can do with blue and other colours and it perhaps suits you better.

Suddenly the world is flowing with chocolaty boys and there has been scarcity of "real Man". Of man who-when they speak, mean it, would just wake up from their sleep and go out in the market wearing dirty shots and tees and still feel they look hot, who are proud to be a man- I remember this very famous adage "Mard ko dard nahi hota" which stands for their strong physique and mental stability, who are conscious about themselves but would choose gymming over beauty products to make them look appealing. Help me stopping Man species getting extinct. Okay enough to boost the male's ego :P Ending the post with the saying:
"A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him."  ~Mae West

P.S. (only for chocolaty boys)- Just read it for fun as I wrote it for fun. Excuse the ranting, No offense meant ;) 
P.P.S.-btw, I like Ranbir because of his acting, and not for the chocolaty looks.

Disclaimer (in English)- Issued in masculine gender's interest.
(In hindi) "Man" hit me jaari


  1. LMAO....loved the disclaimer!...

    Wonder what's with men's fairness cream? i find girls with tanned skin sexier, and men are supposed to be tall dark and handsome...

    ...good to see a girl who still like the old fashioned men!

    what's the controversy BTW ? :)

  2. Lol. Thank you for your tips madame :P

  3. yeah .. i came across few such men.. and seriously I hate the basic notion of shaving your hairs and other such girly stuff.. awww :D

    Weakest LINK

  4. First of all, Thank you all the "Men" out here for commenting :D

    Sub: It becomes controversial if a choc guy is reading it ;)

    Yogi- I can give more tips...Its for free ;)

    Rachit- I know :-(

    Vinesh - Thanks

  5. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Bloggers.

    This is such a fun post!

    Now, take a look at me...I'm all chocolate without any of that cosmetic beauty is all natural wouldn't you agree? (lol)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  6. hahaaa...that was nice take on those chocolaties.....and BTw i am a short guy, getting bald too and FIRE...??? well........

    enjoyed the read totally....:))

  7. @ Andy - Thanks...and everybody would agree :-)
    @ Jaynthbusi - I knew it! I'm happy too
    @ IRFANUDDIN- Well, good that you liked the post :)

  8. lol....this post is only for boys????? only boys commented

  9. i know right!!!!!!!!!!
    bring back the "men" and not the sissies!
    and lol at the day when we give cosmetic sets to our guys on their birthdays!

    fun read DR:-)

  10. @ Jidhu- Yup..only 1 lady commented, the "Man" became active you see.

    @ Suruchi- Thanks..yes just a small try to bring back the lost Men :P

  11. hahaha...

    ok first things first, me use women's products (tada...) :D

    check out this post of mine fr my take on this topic.. yap, the end is a lil too rhetoric but it does point to my thoughts on dis (

    my take is ya, the aspect of the 'Mard' who does not take care of his body odor, personal hygiene n shabbiness is well, not really sumthin to b proud of... he might look gud in an M&B book but if he brings his unhygienic self to my BBQ, I'd probably Baygon or burn him out or both :D

    n yes, me thinks its the fire inside that matters.. n am sure, it'll help if tht fire comes inside a form tht has well groomed nails, washed clothes n smells gud too ;)

  12. Raj- Thanks for dropping by....well, my post does not ask boys to stop taking bath, going for hair cut, cutting nails etc, please we want everyone to stay neat and clean and smell good....It's about the boys who are too much dependent on females cosmetics extensively :)


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