Sunday, November 27, 2011

That's 'About Me'

I was wondering how people use "About me" Section. So I thought I will do an "About Me" project and present it to you. Here is a little data I found out.

"About me" section is the place where you will find that all the Indians love the art of self-praising creatively. And I kinda appreciate it :P Well, It's never a good idea to "scare" readers when they visit your blogs, you see. I understand there is scarcity of honest readers too.
So bloggers can be divided into below categories.

(a) Reserved in nature- You would not find their profile pic or any kind of personal information on the blog. These kinds of bloggers love their 'privacy' and why not? All sort of people drop into your blogs that may include criminals who have been roaming as police wasn't able to catch hold of them or they have been bailed out even after doing major scams. Indian Constitution-which would severely punish Harvindar Singh for slapping Pawar and would treat Kasab with warm welcome followed by all kinds of hospitality.Come on! 'Atithi Devo Bhava' does not practise terrorists by all odds, kon samjhaye inhe?

(b) Daring-Bloggers who love challenges, are bold in nature and ready to take risks.Generally, you will find their profile pic, company they work for, fb link, linkedin and email ids.Their fb wall and photo section is open for public where you can virtually visit their family members, girlfriends, boyfriends etc. Either they believe the world is filled with beautiful and nice people Or they know that nobody will bother using or misusing their personal info. Even if anybody misuses the personal info, since these are daring people, they can deal with it.

(c) Mediators- Average kind of people who play very safe like 'me.' *TADA* They share 'Need to know' information only. They will put their occupation but not the company name. They talk about their hobbies, passions etc but nothing too personal. Their fb profiles are customized i.e. how much and what 'public' can access. They add only a few fellow-bloggers to their fb list.

So after all the research, I thought, I'm ready to share a little more about myself.

Blogging for meMore often than not, I go to hibernation mode for every 15 days appx, resume and write a post. So what do I do these 15 days? Apart from job, I spend my time on reading others blogs and books. I happen to be very picky about what I read and which blogs I follow. I never believe in  'follow me, I'll follow yours,' or phrases like 'hit the like if you like the post.' Precisely because I want people to listen to what they want. Follow you really like to read more of the blog. Comment if you really feel like commenting. Feel easy and that's the best you can do atleast when you are reading something :-) Hain?
Nature: Like Delhi's weather-Extreme in nature. Hard to please, Finical, Scrupulous, Demanding.
Virtues: Strong opinionated, complex in nature, moody, Peculiar, Assertive, talkative, thinker ( Mind you, since everyone in this world thinks, we all are thinkers )
Current City: I Stay in New Metrocity Bangalore. I love this city.
Philosophy: Admire people who help and think about others. Selfish people are least appreciated.
Hobbies: Besides writing blogs, I like reading blogs, books, news, surfing, sleeping, and doing nothing if time permits.
Occupation: A paid slave in one of the MNCs
Relationship Status: Well, that's personal.
Company Name: Too personal.
Social Life: None

So guys and girls! That's it for now. As I end this post, weekday is approaching and it's not a very good thing too :P Enjoy reading and don't take anything personal, I like seeing cheerful faces more :D

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ooooooh! That Ass

"Hey Look at that ass!" Hot! Sizzling! Ravishing! Stunning! Pataka! Tota, Babe and what not..Yes, these are a few universal comments from some guys when they run into any hot chick. Yup, If a girl is good looking, she gets the prompt attention all around. Guys melt like chocolate if any hot chick breaks the long queue and just smiles and says "please don't mind, thoda jaldi hai"( I did that many times, sorry :D). In an interview, between an average looking girl and a dazzling chick, the most preferred one is the Hot one. Is it good to just focalize on someone's physical appearance more than attending to things which matter the most like intelligence, knowledge, ethics etc?
If any hot model adverts, the product or the model herself grabs the attention soon and if she wears a bikini even much sooner. We all remember Yana Gupta ( No Panty Girl), Mallika Sherawat( handkerchief is more than enough for her to wear), Rakhi Sawant( Talks arrant bullshit) and Vidya Balan ( In Dirty picture). So why are these names are on our finger tips?-that's because these famous personalities have stripped their clothes like onion shreds its peel.
Beauty for some is God-gifted and some gain it by use of cosmetics. I'm not saying that you don't have to appreciate beauty, but would it not be better if that babe has a little brain too which works fine ;-) if those juicy lips articulate the word of wisdom mellifluently and spread their knowledge all across, if those gorgeous big eyes see the world from a different perspective and gaze at you reverentially, if those nice ears can listen to you when you want to be heard.
Alright, Lets save our time and come to the conclusion. Requesting all the guys/men reading it, please try changing the perspective of judging a girl purely by looks, its ephemeral. I know its not easy as its been ongoing from donkey's years( remember Menka). Looks can be and are deceptive. A hot chick with empty head is never a good combo, because that empty head will reverberate soon and make you take headache  tablets :P

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The things I will remember

I will remember
Your friend request on orkut
years back,
Chatting on yahoo late night,
Lame messages asking wassup
just after we hung up
the phone speaking for hours,
Stumbling and falling while dancing
after getting sloshed at the bar

I will remember
the first Maggie we cooked together
without moving the sight
or the pizza we
burnt in the oven,
Your teasing
when I cried watching the movies
or getting shit-scared
while watching horror ones

I will remember
CCD as our second house,
Watching football
betting for which team will win,
Running around in the house
throwing things at each other,
Having tea sitting at balcony
and staring at the plane sky
having nothing to do

I will remember
getting drenched
in the rain
and the long rides,
Your scolding for
riding at the right side all the times,
Our fights like angry birds
and the next minute patch up
like Tom and Jerry.

I will remember
being myself
with you day in and day out,
I will remember everything I promise
my friend!

Since those times have gone now
I often think,
A'int only small things that matter?