Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ooooooh! That Ass

"Hey Look at that ass!" Hot! Sizzling! Ravishing! Stunning! Pataka! Tota, Babe and what not..Yes, these are a few universal comments from some guys when they run into any hot chick. Yup, If a girl is good looking, she gets the prompt attention all around. Guys melt like chocolate if any hot chick breaks the long queue and just smiles and says "please don't mind, thoda jaldi hai"( I did that many times, sorry :D). In an interview, between an average looking girl and a dazzling chick, the most preferred one is the Hot one. Is it good to just focalize on someone's physical appearance more than attending to things which matter the most like intelligence, knowledge, ethics etc?
If any hot model adverts, the product or the model herself grabs the attention soon and if she wears a bikini even much sooner. We all remember Yana Gupta ( No Panty Girl), Mallika Sherawat( handkerchief is more than enough for her to wear), Rakhi Sawant( Talks arrant bullshit) and Vidya Balan ( In Dirty picture). So why are these names are on our finger tips?-that's because these famous personalities have stripped their clothes like onion shreds its peel.
Beauty for some is God-gifted and some gain it by use of cosmetics. I'm not saying that you don't have to appreciate beauty, but would it not be better if that babe has a little brain too which works fine ;-) if those juicy lips articulate the word of wisdom mellifluently and spread their knowledge all across, if those gorgeous big eyes see the world from a different perspective and gaze at you reverentially, if those nice ears can listen to you when you want to be heard.
Alright, Lets save our time and come to the conclusion. Requesting all the guys/men reading it, please try changing the perspective of judging a girl purely by looks, its ephemeral. I know its not easy as its been ongoing from donkey's years( remember Menka). Looks can be and are deceptive. A hot chick with empty head is never a good combo, because that empty head will reverberate soon and make you take headache  tablets :P


  1. ok... u see a girl and can u within seconds say she is intelligent? even for a guy can u do the same?... it takes a longer time to establish that a girl has brains other than beauty... so what guys do is they appreciate beauty first... because thats what they see first...

    I know cat calling and name calling is not good... but i am talking abt a genuine getting to know here... only after u've talked to a person can u know if she has brains or not... but to get till there appreciation is the key...

    Would u come talk to me if i wanna tal;k abt the occpy movement thats is going all over with so much craze and rage in the world over?... no... u would be interested if i throw a cool pick up line... i know sounds lame but it works...

    so i know saying what an ass is what guys do... but they got nothing else to talk abt till they have a genuine conversation... and believe me... guys do like a nice much as they like a nice ass :P

    Take care and keep writing.........

  2. men are blockheads when it comes to realizing the worth of a true woman-they stop at the exterior and can therefore never touch her from within(no puns intended)

    and we have no choice to bear the chaff till we come across a true grain:-)all the best!

  3. Considering stripping of clothes like a onion shreds its peel, it's done to be 'phamous'

    While checking out the hot chicks ass, hormones goes into crisis, do they even care for the brain.

    only a talk can distinguish beauty with or without brains.

    a name calling provoked your thought process...good read

  4. interesting...i am writing a story which exploits a similar theme...strange coincidence this...anyway...lovely post....:-) i think i am gonna keep coming back...

  5. Thousif- There you go, calling someone as ass is not showing respect for them :D Like Suruchi said in the comments, guys do stop at exterior and just be stagnant, they never try to explore things like intelligence even when they get the chance :-) As far as I'm concerned, I would love to talk about the occpy movement more than any other topic! Thanks for your comments! Its good to know different perspectives

    Suruchi- Yes, they are and that's why they are men :P I really hope they learn to appreciate the real beauty within women one day! hope for the best :)

    Poonam:- Ahh yes, blame the hormones! Men should atleast use their brains rather than getting stuck at looks! Yup, that word is responsible for this post indeed!

    Rahul: Well, good to hear! Some coincidences are for good...would love to read your post! and you know it means a lot when someone says they's gonna keeping coming back from their own will :P thanks a lot!

  6. hehe... tota post... :P And to all pretty girls out there... we can't see the brain so why not you go out with the guy who likes you... may be a cup of coffee can help us out :P

    Weakest LINK

  7. god to know that there are persons who love a genuine conversation.. and i do believe and agree with u... that guys do give a lot of thought on the beauty part... but trust me, we'd all love a interesting conversation anytime... and i stress on the interesting part ;)

    cool reply to my comment ;)

    Take care and keep writing.......

  8. I read some place tht we guys r quite visual - so maybe thts whr the bimbo fixation comes frm :)

    N as fr ur request, well, me thinks its somethin in probably the right direction but nt sure if biology will oblige..

    after all, men will b men... :)

  9. So you called yourself hot in a way? :P

  10. Thousif- I'm glad! :)

    R-A-J-Ahh, yes, Men will be Men, always

    Sourav- I was talking about breaking the queue and saying thoda jaldi hai....I'm like an Ice, remember? :P

  11. Oooooh! Beauty with Brains :P
    (Wonders if someone has ever used this pick-up line)

    Somehow, even though, we, the men, are aware of importance of intellectual conversations but at the sight of an ass, we give in to our pre-historic instincts to either hunt or hump.

  12. And yeah thanks for dropping by on my blog. will visit your space for checking out more posts once I am a bit idle. tc :)

  13. technoflirt: Yeah! That's a great comment...
    My pleasure, you really write well :P

  14. Men by nature look for sex and find love, women look for love and find sex.Love is blind but sex is not. That is the basic difference my dear...
    So men melt, melt and then drool at the sight of a pataka.. But to progress ahead from there, those intellectual qualities u mentioned is a must.

  15. LeoPaw: Yes, men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love..that's the whole point but sad! Thanks for the lovely comment :-)

  16. God has created men and women like this and it is not only in human race but can be seen in other animal species also.
    by the way nice post...


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