Saturday, November 5, 2011

The things I will remember

I will remember
Your friend request on orkut
years back,
Chatting on yahoo late night,
Lame messages asking wassup
just after we hung up
the phone speaking for hours,
Stumbling and falling while dancing
after getting sloshed at the bar

I will remember
the first Maggie we cooked together
without moving the sight
or the pizza we
burnt in the oven,
Your teasing
when I cried watching the movies
or getting shit-scared
while watching horror ones

I will remember
CCD as our second house,
Watching football
betting for which team will win,
Running around in the house
throwing things at each other,
Having tea sitting at balcony
and staring at the plane sky
having nothing to do

I will remember
getting drenched
in the rain
and the long rides,
Your scolding for
riding at the right side all the times,
Our fights like angry birds
and the next minute patch up
like Tom and Jerry.

I will remember
being myself
with you day in and day out,
I will remember everything I promise
my friend!

Since those times have gone now
I often think,
A'int only small things that matter?


  1. you have good memory Gargi :p

    Beautifully expressed...

    yes...small things matters...small is wonderful...that's when small is definitely not small :)

  2. @ Rahul- Thank you!

    @ Sub- Yes, I'm a girl with sharp memory...
    Well said, those small things matter the most and hence are not pocket-sized

  3. Yeah, the very small things - they matter plenty :(

  4. @ Kush- Yes, they do :)

    @ Sourav- Love? :)

  5. small things always matter and are the hardest to get by-coz you keep bumping into little memories in the mundane everyday:-)

  6. Hey GG, wow, beautifully penned.. I cud so relate to so many of them n u gv me ideas fr new ones too :)

    very romantic one...loved the balcony tea bit.. wud b perfect fr a sunday morn :)

    beautiful post, GG..:)

  7. Suruchi: that's so true!

    Poonam: Yeah :-) forever

    R-A-J: Thanks.....I'm glad that it helped with new ideas...
    About the balcony tea....yes Sunday blues :P

  8. Sweet poetry! Yes it is the small things that matter!

  9. Droopy Rose,

    A fun to read poem full of some pleasant yet common memories.
    Being a Virgo too... I can relate to the texture of your blog.

    God Bless

  10. Its really true. i found it out a lil while earlier... maybe a year or so... that its the small things that really do matter :)

    I think it was a swt lil poem... and i liked it :)

    Got here through suruchi :)

    Take care and keep writing............

  11. Inquisitive-life: Thanks for dropping by...reminds you of something?...well much better then! Good to see someone who can relate with the blog and with star sign

    Rahul- Cheers!

    Thousif- yup! We somehow realize that small things are actually big :) Thanks for following and commenting

  12. Really beautiful.

    Oddly enough, I am dreaming of Maggie now! I used to eat it by the gallon on my trips to India...good stuff.

  13. lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!

  14. So beautiful! Some things are priceless and irreplaceable.



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