Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nobody is friend

Welcome to the world of modernity! It for sure, is full of crowd. If you don't believe me, ride in B'lore on weekdays and you will get a clear picture :P When we were kids, we had friends for all occasions. These were the friends who would matter a lot.
Lately my life has been full of ups and downs when it comes to relationships which actually gave me a good opportunity to redefine the meaning of a friend. Since I didn't stay at one place for a long time, my friends kept changing and when I came to B'lore, I got some kind of stability in my life and the way I look at it. I made friends, but less in number due to my picky selective nature. This year, I got enough time to get in touch with most of my best buddies. After my rendezvous with them, what I found out was "friendship" which is considered even more trustable than 'love' doesn't hold good necessarily. If lover cheats you, then even there are friends who leave you. Sadly, my friendships ( even 6-7 years old ) went for a toss because I refused anything unethical and demanded to remain as "friends only." Then there were some friends who left the country and some got married. Need not to explain what happens to friendship if any one of above takes place. Not that I'm complaining but would you really call it a friendship if people are with you only when they're alone just because you're a fun to be with person and not when you need them the most or would they be called friends when people wouldn't mind taking advantage when you're not in senses.
Well, people change and so does friendship.I've been so over the promises and sayings of friendship. In short, I haven't been lucky when it comes to friendship.People come into your life, become a part of it, they promise to be with you and then break it. Not to talk about friends from social networking, first it will be like new marriage, they will call you, ping you, message you, care for you and make you feel who lucky you are to have them. But after sometimes it becomes boring and both of you will be comfortably in green mode at gtalk without conversing. It's a selfish world and my definition for friendship has been delineated and I call them now-"Friends FOR Benefits.


  1. not only u but I have also came across such situations when life teaches us the worst chapter of experience in life. it give us a sad feelings and we regret so much why it happened in such a way. it should end in some different way..
    but we can'nt do anything in it, it all are predecided..
    take it casually..

  2. "taking advantage when you are not in senses" - bad very bad esp if it is a so-called friend

  3. It's sad but friendships have become sadder-the shelf life theory is catching up on friendships of all kinds-the honeymoon period gets over and we become placid lakes...

    I can so relate to how you feel, because I have always craved for "just friends" of the kinds that lives are build on...maybe we should keep looking and someday they WOULD HAVE TO come along:-)

  4. True, it takes a lifetime to grow a good friend, and rest are just like sand slipping out of hand all the time.

    The pic too, speaks a lot.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Jitendra: Good to know I'm not alone to have felt this way :)

    Sujatha: Yes, it's Sad but true :-(

    Suruchi: That's a hope for future...thanks for motivating me to look forward and find a good friend :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete: And all have I got are the ones who fall under "rest" category. I hope, it's just not me. Yes, the pic is speaking a lot on my behalf :)

  6. yes you are right dear, am feeling the same these days...have not been like in 'friendship' since few years...still need to figure out though why such things happened ...take some time and think about it once ..why such things happened

  7. there was a time i never knew what friendship actually friend to say my best one. But things change right...I had few...see unknowingly I wrote 'had'. Thinking again I still do have, in fact many.

    and the saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed"...Yes! we do 'need' friends, don't care if I sound selfish. Eventually some slip away, & just simply know we are our own best friends :)

  8. Hey GG, very, very relevant thought u brought out here - thinkin out loud, me thinks me hd just a few real gud frnds before but nw, in the advent of the fb, i hv even lesser gud friends but my network of just frnds hv improved by leaps... not tht I'm complainin cos I hv gt jobs, favors n help frm these guys too.. Also, I've somehow managed to convert some 'just' friends into gud friends too along the way..

    n I too hv the common grief of losin friends to marriage, a foreign country or just it always helps tht my network is expanding so i cn always pick up n groom my next new best friend frm this widenin list :)

    Very interesting post GG :)

  9. n btw, here’s wishing u n urs a fabulous n prosperous New Year in 2012.. nice to hv met up with u last year ...

    Happy New Year Gargi :)

  10. Monica: So you too, got all the fake friends, well, it's a sad thing isn't it....May this year be a good one in terms of true friends :)

    Beyond Horizon: Yes, most of them just slip away and never come back...we're our best friends indeed.

    R-A-J: That's a good trick to expand the fren circle...Atleast some will be remaining as friends from the list....Thanks for your lovely wishes Raj, Same here, good to have found your blog and you...Happy New Year!! May it brings all the happiness to you.

  11. life's wicked reality... Neither can live with it nor can help it. And, I got a PPO,... I'm placed :)

    Happy New Year
    Weakest LINK

  12. Gargi, before social networking on the net, one made friends for life (that is what all of us claimed), and yes we did keep in touch, but not 24x7. Now, most of us are online always from smart fones and stuff, and even spouses will probably get bugged if one is joined at the (social networking / gtalk) hip.

  13. Rachit: Happy New year! Congrats! I'm happy for you.

    Santa: That's true..thanks!

  14. been very long almost a month since you posted something!


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