Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Real Dirty Picture

There was a lot of hoopla around the movie "The Dirty Picture". As all of you would know, the movie meant to be a biopic of south siren Silk Smitha. But instead of getting the message, what drew everyone's attention was the semi-nude exotic scenes.I was wondering why do most of the models/actresses who are fantasy of every guy's aphrodisiac night, die lonely in a closed room at a very young age? And nobody, not even their family gets to know before they see off their lives?

Mothers stand for comfort. God couldn't be everywhere so he created mothers. They go through 9 months of hell just to bring you on this earth. But why they are the first one to abandon you? Why can't they support you, love you and be with you no matter which worst sin you have committed. Why do they close their doors when you have no other place to go. Science says that we all have suicidal tendencies (No, I don't mean 80s famous band here ) which arise when you think that you are just alone in this world and nothing is working out. If only, the much needed care and love can be provided to the sufferer, they will make it to life and can fight back with the hot rashes life brings. With these models dying in loneliness the credit goes to some of the male species too who play, enjoy and forsake.

Worldly, there is a trend to sleep around with a girl and the next day act like nothing happened. Such guys, as beautifully described in the movie, "Raat ko 12 baje ki suiyon (needle) ki tarah chipke rahte hai aur din me 6 baj jate hai." Now you will think, why do girls make it a big deal when they sleep with someone? Well, sex for most of the females, is just not about playing tennis (as described in FWB).It's to do with feelings, emotions and love than just the physical activity.Men fall in love through sex; women fall in sex through love. Studies suggest-A normal male’s body produces 20 times more of testosterone hormone than a female’s....Well, blame the hormones but love a woman with all your heart and she will return it 10 times more. And if any mom is reading it, make sure you're there for your child when they need you badly.

Ending the post with the last few lines of Silk in dirty picture. It's for you to decide. Who's more dirtier here? Girls like Silk or our double-minded society?

"Zindagi jab maayus hoti hai, tabhi mehsoos hoti hai. Aise aise sawal saamne aa jate hai, jinke jawab kisi guide me nahi milte hai. "Maa ne darwaaza kholte hi gale se kyu nahi laga liya? Ye baat samajh me kyu nahi aayi ki ik star ko chahne me aur usi se pyar karne me bahot fark hai. Jise tumne apne liye ladhna sikhaya, wo tumhare liye kou nahi ladha. Har koi kamar me haath daalna chahta tha, kisi ne sar pe bhi haath kyu nahi rakha? Library me bhi page turn hone ki aawaz aati hai. Silent shore me bhi koi na koi horn baza hi deta hai. Par jab taaliya sunne wale kaano me, gaaliyo ki aawaz bhi na aaye, to zindagi khaali theature si ho jati hai"


  1. "Men fall in love through sex; women fall in sex through love"
    very profound thought and so true!
    you make me wanna watch Dirty Picture:-)

    and i always believe that we are no one to sit in our comfy surroundings n judge others!the society is based on much that it is sick!:-)

  2. men fall in luv thru sex?? can you stereotype the entire male species like that??
    otherwise,it is a nice post..... :-)

  3. nice review of the movie;;;

    and Thanks a lot for liking my poems..
    the words, used by me in my poems, are not complicated; only you are not aware of it well..

    and I will be waiting for your comments on my new poems;;;

  4. Hello.
    I have not seen this movie, but I did visit the information about Silk Smitha (thanks for providing the Wikipedia link). So sad that despite her fame, she died a very lonely woman.

    I agree there are many men (& indeed women) who go from partner to partner without a care for the feelings involved, but not all men can be stereotyped this way. We may be few & far between, but there still exists gentlemen who know how to treat a lady with dignity & respect & who are not in the game of "love em" & "leave em".
    Very interesting write-up.
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  5. Men fall in love through sex? Disagree...

    I loved the dialogues of the movie...and well movie industry is girl refuses ten agree....

  6. Suruchi: Haha..If not for anything else, you should watch the movie for Vidya's awesome acting and for the concept...You have to go your own way to accomplish something and if you succeed, the society who criticized you once falls back at your feet :D

    Rahul: There are exceptions to everything in this world. Good gentlemen are less in numbers though. Thanks :)

    Jitendra: Thanks! Haha, I agree my Hindi is not very strong while dealing with some of the words...I will try to visit your blog more often :)

    Andy: I'm glad that you actually took the pain of reading more about her. Generally, people don't. There are a few nice gentlemen, who respect a lady with dignity. But if you look at the whole bunch of male population, the count becomes minimal :) Thanks for dropping by Andy!

    TheBluntBlogger: You have every right to disagree and agree...The Movie dialogues are really something!

  7. Wow, quite a review Gargi .. liked the discussion points tht u brought out of the movie in the post here :)

    Well, I wudnt disagree or agree wid u on the gender-love proposition u brought out here.. it is a generic observation n who knws, it might just b true.. we men cud just b the way u described here ... or even, not :)

    I seriously am gonna catch Dirty Picture after all the gud reviews its gettin.. my movie gang's out on vacation n hence am feelin a lil handicapped.. but considerin the phenomenal response the movie's gettin, mite as well check it out soon :)

    Interesting review GG..:)

  8. I think her life was not as simple as its made out to be. There was more to the story i think. And well, men are a more complex lot than what their sexuality might portray.

    Interesting! :)

  9. R-A-J: Thanks! I'm jobless after job these days and the post is just the outcome of that :) Yes, What I believe that one theory can't be applied everywhere... I know there are some nice gentlemen too, so If you come across any, pass on my number to him :P So you have a movie gang, Wow! Watch the movie and you wouldn't regret it...Thank you again!

    PsycheBubbles: It wasn't easy! and it deserved a post so that people would know what it is to be in her shoes and deal with the thing called life. Men are complex for sure :) Thanks for following :) Good to see you here!

  10. The movie may be hard hitting but just like anything else in life it is a phase in life of Silk where the success went in her head.. Parents are there to support and this was probably the character missed in life!

  11. hru? I haven't watched the movie yet.. don't get much time nowadays.. and yeah I guess sex binds man with the girl.. i agree :D

    Weakest LINK

  12. Rahul: True that :) thanks for dropping by!

    Rachit: busy man..haan? Not many men accept the fact you just did. Bravo!!!

  13. I never knew us men fell in love through sex. No wonder the sex-workers are so loved?!

    Movie : Excessive drama and no sense, crap. The makers of the movie should actually read your post and re-think, reading your post was way better than watching the real movie! :)

  14. I still do not understand the purpose of this particular post. Were you trying to blame men for her misery? "Dying alone" not because she was Silk Smitha it's a universal actually die alone only.....may be people would be around but you actually die alone right? All success full people who prioritize their success in life more than love they end up dying like this. Again I completely agree that Our Indian society is the biggest hypocrite society ever. An old tharki uncle would stare his neighbor's daughter when she goes out in skirt but when her own daughter would want to wear it, he gets furious ....Nice try though.

  15. Sourav: Thanks Sourav! Sex sells big time and workers just do a lil marketing :P
    Ahhh....Isn't that too much appreciation for my post :) Though I loved it.

    Navendu: I wonder how other people have got the message out of this post? So you encourage "Suicide" just because everyone dies alone? Good for you. I would highly recommend you to go through the wiki page provided to read more about her love life. She was married at a very young age and was harassed by her husband. Love???

  16. Dear GG,
    I'm honored to nominate your name for a blooger award.
    Please visit my blog for details.

  17. lovely post Gargi....i want to see that's hard to find time for movies now...:)

  18. Nicely written Gargi. The dialogues in the movie were amazing and so was Vidya Balan.

    I wouldn't agree with how you blamed it more or less solely on men though :P

  19. SUB: Thanks! I understand :)

    Yogesh: Thanks, yes..amazing dialogues and acting.
    Well, you're a man, what can I say :P

  20. """Mothers stand for comfort. God couldn't be everywhere so he created mothers.""" so true Gargi. i remember when i went through a depressing phase & felt suicidal, i almost cried out loud for my mother.

    I have watched TDP & came away glad that i did. the dialogues are very well written (Rajat Arora - the dialogue write i think) & touch your heart & the circumstances in which they are said in the movie make it all the more poignant

    they say family is the most imp thing in our lives. this is all the more true for famous people because that is what is needed most by them. otherwise it is like being in the sky one day & dropped to the ground another day

    Silk missed that in her life.100 men oogling can never match upto one man really caring for you

  21. Sujatha Sathya: Welcome, Good to see you here."100 men ogling can never match upto one man really caring for you" I can't agree more and as an outcome, you see playboys bashing post from me :) Thanks :-)

  22. @ Gargi - naice post but y u paint all men with single body forced that woman to do wat she was her from where men came in between??
    Only Losers give excuses...
    Some body iss doing good is good but some body who is doing nothing doesnt means he is man in the muvi forced her on anything...
    i beg to differ from ur point of view...but one is only responsible for his/her success/failures

  23. @ Gargi - and yes..thanks for commenting on my video..appreciate it :)

  24. Ashutosh: Thanks! Shouldn't we make the world a better place full of love and not betrayal. If a woman who's raped commits suicide due to the pain of living after the incident, would you blame the victim for getting raped and not the man who did that to her? I don't agree. Sometimes life gives us very little choice and that's when we need family's and other surrounding's support to fight back and live on.

  25. Leo Paw: Your comment was moved to spam without my knowledge somehow:( found it today. Thanks a lot for nominating my blog for the blogger award :)

  26. "Har koi kamar me haath daalna chahta tha, kisi ne sar pe bhi haath kyu nahi rakha?"

    Very touching line

  27. Neeraj: Yes, it is and makes a lot of sense :-)

  28. I read somewhere that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. They never mentioned it had been pushed a little more lower. :P

    Mother's seldom desert their children.
    There's a saying that a son can be a bad son, but a mother cannot be a bad mother.

    "Kuputro Jaayeta
    Kvachi Dapi Kumaata Na Bhavati."

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  29. Nice review! Well said!


  30. Blasphemous Aesthete: I wish the old sayings hold good in today's world too. Thanks :-)

    Megha Sarin: Thanks :)


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