Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Married Life!

Heard the news that you are getting married. My heartedly congratulations to you. Now the very reason I'm writing this post is that we don't have any formal and informal communication left and sending you an email is risky specially when you are going to start a new life. Anyway, I'm sure this post will make it to you, someday, and hope is life is all I can say.
Remember our first meeting? did we even know that we were going to stick together for years. We were just so happy and perfect. Time flies, isn't? When I close my eyes, it all just comes as a dream we were lost in. And when I think of the "time" we spent together which will be of someone else now makes me deplorable.

And love hurts but I am not gonna cry like everyone else because you are with me always, like a gust of air sweeping across my face and hair......I'm sure you will miss me no matter at which stage of life you are at. With this, I would take a leave. As, you are getting married, this would be end of me, we both know it very well :( I wish you a happy married life!


Your Independence :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plead Guilty

Ah, There you are!
Hiding yourself to the corners
You have committed a sin
and you feel guilty
You think you can take to the woods
Don't you?
But trust me,
there is NO escape from yourself
hiding is not a solution.
Go face it, heal the one you
have hurt
and plead guilty
You will be relieved
and I'm sure she will forgive you
for whatever you did with her
because If I know her,
she is bighearted,
melts like an ice-cream
in summer
People know her for her generosity
but go to her only if
you mean it
and you will be acquitted
from the damage you have done
to an innocent life,
& you shall rest in peace
for the rest of your life.

Sleepless Nights

This is me, restless once again, in my flat, trying to slumber on another weekend's night and failing to do so. There is something about these sleepless nights, I tell you. They bother you like crazy. Though, lights are switched off, I somehow can't get to sleep. Still staring at walls, looking at how fan is moving and gazing at everything else placed in the room around me. Since 2 hours, I'm listening to the tik-tok sound of the clock and imagining the movement of it's second and minute hands. Time is running and it's 2:15 AM. I also hear the dogs barking from somewhere on the empty roads. I close my eye lids for the 4th time with the hope that dark blank screen would make me fall asleep but again picture of memories strike me and deviate my mind and thoughts. So many things running in my mind at the same time and making me frantic with worry. I begin to think, What has happened to me, where has my sleep gone? Was I like this before? Oh there sleepless nights, Have I turned into an insomniac? I panic and then murmur to myself- "Why the fuck I just can't sleep?" 

"That's because you woke up by 3 PM in the afternoon after sleeping continuously for 13 hours on another consecutive weekend" -Says my sister who is lying next to me :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From a blogger's Girlfriend

Dear Blogger boyfriend,

You would be surprised to see me here, specially writing a post, I know! but looks like you didn't leave me a choice. So as one of my friends suggested, why don't I make an attempt to convey my message for the first and last time using an interface which you comprehend better. Therefore, I'm writing this blog...ooops "post" sorry, come on! you know I'm a neophyte.

So let me start with my cribbing to make this post more conversant to you. I'm a little pissed as I had to go through the shitty process of creating my profile and You already know, how much it gets on my nerves to create, updates profile on a social forum like this and upon that, giving this blog a name. I finalized on "Sautan Blog" anyway. Okay, I'm cutting the crap now and here are my thoughts/concerns:

From the time, you have been engrossed in writing blog, you have stopped missing me. Initially when we used to talk, you never seemed so lost. Remember the last time? how you disconnected my call in between as soon as you experienced some "thoughts" to write a post.I mean what the fuck? how can a non-living supercede the living being specially your girlfriend. And when we were going out for dinner on your B'day, I came out from room wearing my peacock blue kurti you liked the most to surprise you, and you didn't even look at me and asked how is the new theme of your blog looking? oh, now don't strain your brain by thinking if you really said that. It couldn't be more insane. 

You blank out from responding my msgs but never to people commenting on your post. Your follower list interests you more than family. too bad :((( and what's with this feedjit? You are so much into knowing who visited your blog than your real friends and girlfriend visiting your house.Your writer looks now a days is just freaking me out! unshaved face, hair grown long giving you a gunda look, geeky personality, absentmindedness...I'm so worried about you! Recently, I've been to Tirupathi  wishing for you to get back as normal human being you used to be before blogging :(((((

Boyfriend's comments- hey, you have got writing skills too sweetheart ! Loved reading this post...following your blog too for more posts......keep writing :D

Sunday, June 5, 2011

In love with the way

While I was proceeding towards the destination
where you were waiting for me,
On the way, I met passengers
Some were good and some were insane
Some cautioned me about the hindrance
and entreated me to reach safe
while some admonished me and
tried confounding my way
But I continued walking
and the thought that you are
waiting for me kept me going
I was exhausted yet never retreated
I was frightened in the dark,
but compiled my courage somehow
and marched on and on towards you
Nothing could halt me
and when I was about to reach
I paused and gave it a thought
If you really desired to meet me
Wouldn't you be already here beside me
while I'm taking the air on the way alone
Apparently after walking for so long,
I eventually stopped as
I fell in love with the "way" itself
which helped me to distinguish
between the Real and artificial.

Please don't

Don't customize me,
Accept me the way I am
Don't take me for granted
but appreciate me at present
You never know
what life holds in future
It may have benediction
or It may dash your hopes
Don't rely on destiny
Esteem the power of love
Don't make the promises
you know you can't uphold
and for the most part,
Don't say you love me
If you really don't
because watching your loved ones go
is what hurts the most :(

Saturday, June 4, 2011

So stuck with you!

I wish it was insouciant
to love and just draw a blank
because at the end of it
Insularity is all I regret
being with you was the
best thing I ever had
and now that you're foregone
why your memories don't get bleached
and obliterate,
They keep reminding me of you
every now and then
and keep smothering me with your absence
I am absentminded, baffled, scatty & perplexed
The mere thing I'm dubious about is
when loving you was so easy,
why Moving on is so difficult???

So Called "Boyfriends"

This is for all the girls who are/were in a relationship with "guys"(Being finical considering today's cosmos). My this post is consecrated for the activities of ex, current & potential boyfriends which annoy girls to the core. So, I have jotted down some peculiar points:

1.He can't remember dates no matter how hard he tries. He forgets your B'day's, anniversary, the date when you first met, first kissed, first texted, first added him on gtalk, facebook, orkut, Linkedin. Ooops exaggerated a little but you do remember "important" dates, Don't you?
2. He can't change his habit of ogling at other chicks regardless of how ravishing you look.
3. His indisposition to share every damn thing occurring around like eating, going out with friends for a drink, going to sleep, gets up, the time he gets back home etc.
4. You expect him to be an amorist in subsequent years in a relationship or reminisce his paroles he gave when he wanted to hook up with you initially. Totally unlikely to happen.
5. His career precedes you. So as a result, he's been "busy" with something he can't comprehend and you won't absolve.
6. He changes like petrol price and you want him to be consistent.
7. He is rationalist and not very sentimental, unlike you.
8. He can't assuage you with shopping or colour selection.
9. Your 10 sentences= His 1 sentence.
10. He takes you for "granted" which resents you big time.
11. He doesn't understand if you consort with a guy and say he's "just a friend". 
12. Last but never the least- Male's Ego!!!!

After writing so many points, you may envy me for my last sentence though. "Had he not been inert and apathetic, you wouldn't have fallen for him at the first place" :D

Disclaimer- These are based on my perceptions which can obviously be different than yours :)