Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jeena Isi ka Naam hai

Materialistic world, Isn't it? Everyone is running on the dense racecourse of earning money. The status adds up with how much is there in your account or which car, gadgets you own. From the time you open your eyes in the morning to the time you finally sleep, the race is on.We're rushing but crashing others. Even though we win, would that be a real triumph? An ideal life is the life lived for others. It's good to earn money but are we missing on the very fundamental thing called our profound emotions. Agreed to the point that we have other obligations but can't we take out a little time to help some poor child we see on road or someone who meets with an accident and needs your help? What if you have to compromise a bit, may be you reach office late one day because you have helped someone but think about the impact you would be making in someone else's life. If you are confused about priorities, then make use of your logical thinking and sense of judgement. Lend helping hands to someone, it doesn't have to be always financial support, it could be as small as treating everyone with equality and respecting the differences. Human beings are considered one of the best species and it should reflect in our actions too. Imagine how the world would be if everybody becomes worldly-minded? God-forbid, what if you are on the other side someday. How would you expect others to react? And why don't you start living that way, being a little more human, thinking out of the box, being a little less self-centered and that's all:) I read it somewhere, it's how many people who attend your funeral and the remarks you receive by them provides evidence of the kind of life you have actually lived. Remember we only get one life and since we have earned one after taking thousands of births, lets make a difference. Simply don't exist, start living instead because Jeena Isi ka Naam hai.

Cheers to humanity! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bomb Blasts.....Big Deal?

Well, I'm not going to talk about who to blame for the blasts or who's responsible as even though we have the answers, we can't do anything about it. I'm sure India is the place where if terrorists want, they can perform bomb blasts daily, so they are being kind enough to execute such plans on yearly basis only. Oh yes, I'm talking too much but again I can be part of these bombings too or anyone for that matter but I can say one thing, atleast we don't deserve disgraceful death like this when even a person like Kasab can lead a luxurious and persistent life by the grace of Indian Govt.
So If you think about it, these kinds of bomb blasts are executed to create havoc, panic and anxiety, but since these have just become the 'Routine' ,we all are so accustomed to it now, the main goal of creating fear has become a failure. I'm sure all the terrorists must be surprised to see the Zero reaction by India. but sorry guys, we can't help it and in fact we're getting mentally prepared for chances of being part of these blasts someday before we leave home and as a prework, whenever we hear the news of blasts, we don't let it affect our life for more than a day or two as we are common people and have no other alternative. Thanks to you but a BIGGER Thanks to our government for making us feel so helpless and incapacitated that we accept the fact that the day has come where we've began to think....Bomb blasts....Big deal? Tell me something new!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Only Mine Or Of NObody's

I have finally seen Omkara.I know it's way too late but at last I made a point to see this movie and this post is not a review of the movie but about the end message and morality. After watching it, it made me think about so many things I wanted to ask people. Do you think you really have the right to kill someone just because they cheat on you. Well, I dissent. You can dump the person or abandon them but can't take their lives. News channels are filled with love triangles and murder mysteries as a consequence of over possessiveness. Let it be love Triangle in Pune or Neeraj Grover case in Mumbai. There are hundreds of love affairs like this which end up in murder or rather brutal murders where body is chopped into pieces. Gosh, what has happened to people? where is the humanity gone??? Obsessivity and luxuria can never be compared with love which is considered so pure and altruistic.

To talk about the root cause, influencing western culture comes into picture to a certain extent however, it's conducive to the impact. The way your parents bring you up, you parent your kids and the kind of values are given to you and received also play a huge role. The desire to possess someone by hook or crook contributes to it more often than not. So as a youngster, what can you do? Well, advocate your kids and friends to accept the reality and face it rather than hoping that there could be a second chance. Always make a good friend circle who can guide you when you are in bad situations positively. Remember, anything done in excess lead to its total abandonment;let alone be possessiveness. I guess that's too much of gyan but try following it if you can and yes, share your thoughts or ideas to help make this society a better place.

Live and let live!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

After break-up "Effects"

From the time, you've been gone baby:

1. My cell phone's battery back-up has turned from drained to perdurable & I'm happy about it. (You are already aware, I hate charging my cellphone's battery ;-)
2. Have been tagged as "single". Predominately I like it, seldom don't!
3.I am a 'free bird' in my consciousness and turn into a "fish" after getting sloshed ;-)
4.Received 9-10 proposals in a month (2 of them were your close friends)...oh now don't be possessive, I acknowledged none, so be happy now:-)
5.Finally have TIME to fetch up many things I never had accomplished before. Well, they are still on the "list", damn it!!!
6.Music alleviates.I exclusively listen to "break-up" songs too and I hardly cry now ( on tears-saving mode ) :P
6.At times I think I'm moving on but subsequently, back to track again and this goes on ;-)
7.My liveliness & cartoon-ism remains unperturbed. So my friends still giggle until their stomach hurts when they are in my company :D
8. Blogging!!!!!!!!! I have been dynamically involved this time around and have some adorable followers too!

So thanks a lot for the love, concern, prevarication, trauma, crap and bullshit. When I think of it, somewhere, I'm shaping up my life better than I thought I was :-)

Pyaar kaaaaaaa punchnama

As the title suggests, my post is about the movie Pyar ka Punchanama and I have seen this movie a while ago. No doubt, it’s a good one time watch with superb comedy. Actors are handsome and were motivation to watch this movie especially the chasmish guy, simply loved his “Sweet language.” So here are a few thoughts:
  1. Relationship needs “work.” A little compromise here and there especially when you are going to spend your lifetime with another person. No doubt, you have to sacrifice certain things as you are not living alone L
  2. Girls are irritating at times or rather most of the times ( Sorry girls! ) and some of the incidences which are referred in the movie are just so true but again, despite of whatever they do, you can’t do without them.
  3. I didn’t find ending of the movie quite impressive. Can life really go on like a bachelor away from all the commitments, marriage? If you break-up like actors in this movie, Can you get customized girls as per your requirements? If yes, I’d have to think twice: D
  4.  Movie also addresses girl’s ex-boyfriends but usually some guys, I repeat, only some guys manage 2-3 relationships well until caught. Don’t blame me, blame the surroundings I notice :P
  5. At some point of time, we all want someone we can share out feelings with. It feels better if that someone is opposite sex. Guys tell their secrets to a girl faster than they would to their old friends. What say?
So Guys and girls, It's a nice movie. DO watch it if you haven’t. If you already did, I'm sure you'd have enjoyed watching it but please take away only “Good” messages and don’t mess up your relationships and start relating things because you have seen that in the movie. Come on! Movie will remain a movie and we go there because we like exaggeration of certain things J

Disclaimer : Issued in public interest after noticing people getting wrongly influenced :D