Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nobody is friend

Welcome to the world of modernity! It for sure, is full of crowd. If you don't believe me, ride in B'lore on weekdays and you will get a clear picture :P When we were kids, we had friends for all occasions. These were the friends who would matter a lot.
Lately my life has been full of ups and downs when it comes to relationships which actually gave me a good opportunity to redefine the meaning of a friend. Since I didn't stay at one place for a long time, my friends kept changing and when I came to B'lore, I got some kind of stability in my life and the way I look at it. I made friends, but less in number due to my picky selective nature. This year, I got enough time to get in touch with most of my best buddies. After my rendezvous with them, what I found out was "friendship" which is considered even more trustable than 'love' doesn't hold good necessarily. If lover cheats you, then even there are friends who leave you. Sadly, my friendships ( even 6-7 years old ) went for a toss because I refused anything unethical and demanded to remain as "friends only." Then there were some friends who left the country and some got married. Need not to explain what happens to friendship if any one of above takes place. Not that I'm complaining but would you really call it a friendship if people are with you only when they're alone just because you're a fun to be with person and not when you need them the most or would they be called friends when people wouldn't mind taking advantage when you're not in senses.
Well, people change and so does friendship.I've been so over the promises and sayings of friendship. In short, I haven't been lucky when it comes to friendship.People come into your life, become a part of it, they promise to be with you and then break it. Not to talk about friends from social networking, first it will be like new marriage, they will call you, ping you, message you, care for you and make you feel who lucky you are to have them. But after sometimes it becomes boring and both of you will be comfortably in green mode at gtalk without conversing. It's a selfish world and my definition for friendship has been delineated and I call them now-"Friends FOR Benefits.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Real Dirty Picture

There was a lot of hoopla around the movie "The Dirty Picture". As all of you would know, the movie meant to be a biopic of south siren Silk Smitha. But instead of getting the message, what drew everyone's attention was the semi-nude exotic scenes.I was wondering why do most of the models/actresses who are fantasy of every guy's aphrodisiac night, die lonely in a closed room at a very young age? And nobody, not even their family gets to know before they see off their lives?

Mothers stand for comfort. God couldn't be everywhere so he created mothers. They go through 9 months of hell just to bring you on this earth. But why they are the first one to abandon you? Why can't they support you, love you and be with you no matter which worst sin you have committed. Why do they close their doors when you have no other place to go. Science says that we all have suicidal tendencies (No, I don't mean 80s famous band here ) which arise when you think that you are just alone in this world and nothing is working out. If only, the much needed care and love can be provided to the sufferer, they will make it to life and can fight back with the hot rashes life brings. With these models dying in loneliness the credit goes to some of the male species too who play, enjoy and forsake.

Worldly, there is a trend to sleep around with a girl and the next day act like nothing happened. Such guys, as beautifully described in the movie, "Raat ko 12 baje ki suiyon (needle) ki tarah chipke rahte hai aur din me 6 baj jate hai." Now you will think, why do girls make it a big deal when they sleep with someone? Well, sex for most of the females, is just not about playing tennis (as described in FWB).It's to do with feelings, emotions and love than just the physical activity.Men fall in love through sex; women fall in sex through love. Studies suggest-A normal male’s body produces 20 times more of testosterone hormone than a female’s....Well, blame the hormones but love a woman with all your heart and she will return it 10 times more. And if any mom is reading it, make sure you're there for your child when they need you badly.

Ending the post with the last few lines of Silk in dirty picture. It's for you to decide. Who's more dirtier here? Girls like Silk or our double-minded society?

"Zindagi jab maayus hoti hai, tabhi mehsoos hoti hai. Aise aise sawal saamne aa jate hai, jinke jawab kisi guide me nahi milte hai. "Maa ne darwaaza kholte hi gale se kyu nahi laga liya? Ye baat samajh me kyu nahi aayi ki ik star ko chahne me aur usi se pyar karne me bahot fark hai. Jise tumne apne liye ladhna sikhaya, wo tumhare liye kou nahi ladha. Har koi kamar me haath daalna chahta tha, kisi ne sar pe bhi haath kyu nahi rakha? Library me bhi page turn hone ki aawaz aati hai. Silent shore me bhi koi na koi horn baza hi deta hai. Par jab taaliya sunne wale kaano me, gaaliyo ki aawaz bhi na aaye, to zindagi khaali theature si ho jati hai"

Saturday, December 3, 2011

हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी

This is a sad post. I don't expect you to read it if you're in good mood as you wouldn't want to spoil your quality time by heavy thoughts. If you are low, you might find it a place be at. I'm just writing as it feels better, not to gain sympathy, it doesn't help.
I'm neither happy nor sad. Not strong enough to let it go, not vulnerable enough to cry either. World is moving fast but I'm still- holding onto my train of thought, baffled and disappointed!
Why do we expect, desire, hope, 'fall' in love (Yes, 'falling' as you seldom rise in love) and land up in a state of calamity? Why do we give the remote control of our lives to someone else to make us feel miserable? Why do we run after one particular thing when we have thousands of better choices. Love is a state of mind but why is it powerful enough to make you do absurd things you had never imagined before? why does it transform you into a person you thought you'd never be. Questions are many and answers, none. Hoping it'll all pass soon....*Sigh*
Recalling Ghalib's lines, never thought that I could find myself in these ever. But life as you call it- is a fucking bitch!
हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी कि हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले
बहुत निकले मेरे अरमाँ, लेकिन फिर भी कम निकले
निकलना खुल्द से आदम का सुनते आये हैं लेकिन
बहुत बे-आबरू होकर तेरे कूचे से हम निकले
मुहब्बत में नहीं है फ़र्क जीने और मरने का
उसी को देख कर जीते हैं जिस काफिर पे दम निकले
खुदा के बासते पर्दा ना काबे से उठा जालिम
कहीं ऐसा न हो याँ भी वही काफिर सनम निकले
कहाँ मयखाने का दरवाजा 'गालिब' और कहाँ वाइज़
पर इतना जानते हैं, कल वो जाता था के हम निकले
- मिर्जा गालिब