Saturday, February 4, 2012

Watch Out! That's a Woman driving

I know this time I'd stretched my hibernation period a little longer than usual and most of you have missed me (now that's called being over-optimistic ;). So without wasting a single second anymore, here I go to make my blog buddies feel that I'm alive and kicking. The topic as suggests could be a little HOT but it's nothing but stating couple of facts.
So I really I have no idea whether it's something to do with Bangalore traffic or female's instinct, women really don't know to drive! Even though being famous for multitasking and all, a lot of surroundings distract them from focusing on driving and they either end up being a reason for a lot of horns by others riding/driving (Pedestrians, you better carry a whistle as you can't even give horns to make sure the girl's car is moving forward along with traffic). This happens usually when a woman is trying to take a turn or reverse to make sure the slow moving traffic crams completely. Now coming to the reason-what distracts us while driving. Well, it lies within us.
We know all the basic rules about driving, how to accelerate, usage of breaks and clutch but lets face it, men are better than us when it comes to technical knowledge as to how things really work and upon that we have distractions. While driving, you see a woman driving in adjacent car, carrying Gucci bag or her trendy nail paint or a guy surrounding his arms. This results in immediate reaction and make you feel inferior or superior. The girly thoughts...huh-show off, how could she etc. covers your mind with cloud and you either hit the front vehicle or create a mess somehow. It is also do with using the rear mirror to see your face, make-up and hairstyle every 5-10 mins instead of looking at the vehicles at the backside. At the same time, I wonder, how guys manage to ogle other girls while driving providing needed attention simultaneously to both the activities. 

I travel a long distance riding while going to office daily.Whenever, I see traffic getting jammed and a lot of people honking including me, believe me or not, there always is a girl/woman accountable.
Women- No offense on couple of facts stated above and I promise to write a biased post on greatness of women to make it up for the loss. 
All the men out here! Watch out! if that's a woman driving!!! :D