Monday, April 16, 2012

Forgive you or forget you?

Please tell me
what I'm supposed to do
Forgive you or forget you?

When I look back,
there are false hopes,
broken promises and
your words full of lie
then there is
the passsion which
seemed like never will fade away,
the moment of assurance
when you'd draw me
into your arms.

What have you done, silly
Once we meant everything for each other
howcome now strangers.
Our never ending stories are
now pin drop silence?

Should you be given second chance, really?
You walked into my life
affirming that you're not like others
and then you walked away just like
everyone else.

Please tell me
What do you think you deserve
Punishment or mercy?


  1. I forgive easily. So,I live in peace. I dnt believe in punishment as well,
    Life is too short. If we spent a major share of it punishing/hating/fighting all those who really d'not deserve our time, when will we actually live?
    Forgive for yesterday, live today and hope for tomorrow. that's how I live. :)

  2. well, that's great. Life is short for regrets and hatred :)

  3. Rahiman dhaaga prem ka, mat todo chatkaaye,
    ek baar toote na jude, jude to gath padi jaaye.

    Seldom are there any second chances in love. Don't cling to it, when the vanity is gone, and so is love.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. True...for some reason, I belive in taking second chances, who knows? :-)

  4. who is he to decide?
    listen to your heart dear...:)


टीका-टिप्पणी :-)