Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stay a bit longer

Dear stay a bit longer today, please
I know what I am-
Just a habit for you-that's all
But I'm scared as habits do change
and that you may forget me someday.

I know that I should be in limit
and never expect anything more
But I'm tired of just being your need
I'm scared that you may leave me
when your need is no more.

Would you understand that I have a heart
which craves to hold that good position
infront of the whole world too
which you show only inside the four walls.

Dear I beg, please
If not for real,
just pretend to be only mine
and love me for just for today.

Look I've always been giving you
what you ask for
without any regrets
Can't you just give me a little more time today-
to be heard, to be loved for one day.
Dear, stay a bit longer today, please


  1. Amazingly written, as always.

    What is even more brilliant is that you have used the simplest of words to express the thought beautifully :)


टीका-टिप्पणी :-)