Saturday, November 24, 2012

Justice for Injustice

I had been pretty lazy to write something recently but I bumped into this article through facebook and and needless to say I was moved by it to the core and felt the need to share my thoughts.

I'm angry over a lot of things-Firstly over the three criminals for committing an inhuman act by pouring acid over an innocent life and taking away all her dreams, plans and life. Secondly, Indian Law system which couldn't give justice to her yet and bailed out the criminals within 2 years who are successfully leading a happy life today instead of landing in Jail.This means anyone can throw acid fearlessly and get away with it as Law wouldn't take a strict action? Lastly, the government who made false promises to give her a job to help her overcome the financial crises and as usual did nothing in the end.

I don't know what to say as my writing a post won't change anything and can't get her life or beautiful face back as it was 9 years back but my prayers are with her that law gives justice to sonali-mukherjee and many more of Sonalis awaiting justice from years. May the criminals serve the equally bad punishment to say the least. Justice delayed is justice denied :(